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Warehouse Product Master

Warehouse Product Master

  • Warehouse number dependent view of the product master data. The warehouse product comprises all the properties of a product that relate to its storage in a certain warehouse within the framework of Extended Warehouse Management; such as put away indicator.

  • You need the warehouse product if you wish to use a product whose global data you have already maintained in the product master in EWM


  • The warehouse-number-dependent data on the warehouse product can be found on the following tab pages in the maintenance function for warehouse products:

  • Warehouse data

  • Here you maintain data on the warehouse in which the product is stored.

  • Slotting

  • Storage type data. Here you maintain data on the type of facility in which the product is stored.


Global, warehouse-number-independent data pertaining to the storage of the product can be found on the Storage tab page. This tab page is also displayed in product master maintenance.

The following warehouse-number-independent data on the storage of a product is adopted in EWM from the ERP system.

  • Handling unit types

  • Warehouse product group

  • Warehouse storage condition

  • Warehouse handling indicator

  • Serial number profiles

  • Quality inspection groups

Steps to Maintain Warehouse Product Master

Material Master Creation

Maintain Storage Location for Material Master

Display Material Lists

Create Warehouse Product Master

Mass Maintenance of Warehouse Product Master

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