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Warehouse Process Type Determination

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

What is Warehouse Process Type?

A warehouse process type is used to define the activity or movement of each process in a warehouse. It deals with each warehouse process like goods receipt, deconsolidation, packaging, goods issue and is assigned to each warehouse task document

All warehouse process types are further grouped into warehouse process categories. Warehouse in to warehouse process categories. Warehouse process categories are used to define the goods movement in a warehouse.

There are different warehouse process categories that are predefined in the EWM system.

o Stock removal

o Put-away

o Internal Movement

o Goods receipt posting

o Goods issue postings

o Physical Inventory

o Cross line put-away

Warehouse Process Type involves goods shipping and receiving, and they are stored in warehouse. Receiving goods process starts in ERP system when a purchase requisition is detected and purchase order created.

A purchase Order consists of

1) Material No (Maximum 40 Characters), Material Description

2) Quantity of material

3) Plant and Storage location.

How to Understand Warehouse Process Type?

  • Process type help control the movement within the warehouse.

  • We cover how to setup warehouse task determination.

Controlling Movement within the Warehouse

Warehouse Process Type controls the movements inside the warehouse. A warehouse process type assigned to every warehouse task document. The process type is linked to activity or movement which is executed in the warehouse.

Define Warehouse Process Type

SAP IMG Screen > SCM EWM> Extended Warehouse Management> Cross process Setting> Warehouse Process Type>Define Warehouse Process Type

General Settings

1) Warehouse Process Category: Warehouse process category it specified the type of goods movements in the warehouse.

We can use warehouse Process Category to classify warehouse process type, and to classify warehouse activities.

  • Put-away

  • Stock Removal

  • Internal Warehouse Movement

  • Posting Change

2) Activity - Define your activities in order to represents the goods movements with in the activity areas.

  • CLSP- Cross Line Stock Put-away

  • INTL- Internal Movement

  • INVE- Physical Inventory

  • MFSI- MFS-Internal Movement

  • NOLM- Internal Movement without Workload

  • PICK-Stock Removal

  • PTWY-Put-away

  • REPL-Replenishment

  • STCH- Posting Change

3) Activity Area Indicator Warehouse order rules search, use this field to specify whether the source or destination activity area

  • Source

  • Destination

4) Manual Creation of Warehouse task forbidden, means that warehouse task for this warehouse process type can’t be created manually.

5) Automatic replenishment not executed –For movement with this warehouse process type no automatic replenishment is executed.

6) Value quantity required for WT confirmation.

· Control for Put-away/Stock Removal

- Enter Source Storage Type

- Source Storage Bin

· Settings for Storage Process


· Settings for Posting changes

· Na

· Settings for warehouse requests

- Availability group mandatory to assign

Warehouse Process Type – NE10

Define Control Indicator for Warehouse Process Type Determination

SAP IMG Screen > SCM EWM> Extended Warehouse Management> Cross process Setting> Warehouse Process Type>Define Warehouse Process Type Determination Indicator

Determination of Warehouse Process Type

SAP IMG Screen > SCM EWM> Extended Warehouse Management> Cross process Setting> Warehouse Process Type>Determination of Warehouse Process type

Maintain Warehouse Product Master

T-code: /N/SCWM/MAT1 Product NV01-EWM-MAT2- Define Warehouse Process type indicator

Staging Area and Door Determination (Inbound)


Test in System – Rejection of Inbound Delivery in and WPT Determination

  • T-code: VL31N- Create Inbound Delivery in ERP

Shipping notification 180004491 was saved and distributed to the WMS

T-code: /N/SCWM/PRDI- Inbound Delivery in EWM

· Product NV01-EWM-MAT1

o System determine the Warehouse Process Type 1010

o Goods Movement Bin – NEGR-ST-BIN1

· Product NV01-EWM-MAT2

o System Determine WPT NE10 because we have define Warehouse Process type control indicator in product master

o Goods Movement Bin is NEGR=ST-BIN2

  • Reference Document

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