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Various Types of Warehouse Equipment

Various Types of Warehouse Equipment  

In this blog will discuss about various types of equipment used in storage handling, and movement of goods. Here are some common types of warehouse equipment;

Forklifts Trucks

Forklifts are versatile vehicles used for lifting and transporting heavy loads with in the warehouse. They come in various configurations, including counterbalance, reach truck and order pickers.

Pallets Jacks (Pallet Trucks)

Pallets jacks are manual or electric powered vehicle used for moving palletized loads. They commonly used for a short distance transportation with in warehouse.

Drum Trackers

Drum trackers used for the movement of drums within warehouse.

Conveyor System

Conveyor systems are used to automate the movement of goods with in the warehouse. They can transport item horizontally, vertically or inclined surfaces helping to streamline material handling processes.   

Racking System

Racking systems are used for storing goods in a structured and space-efficient manner. Common types of racking include selective pallet racks, drive in racks, and cantilever racks.


Shelving Units

Shelving units provide additional storage space for smaller items or goods cannot be palletized. They come in various configurations, including bottles shelving, and industrial shelving.  

Automatic guided Vehicles (AGVs)

AGVs are autonomous vehicles that are used for transporting goods within the warehouse. They are equipped with sensors and navigation systems to navigate through the facility without human intervention.  

Dock Equipment

Dock equipment, such as dock levers, dock seals, and dock lights are used to facilitates the loading and unloading of goods at dock areas. They help to ensure smooth and efficient operations during the shipping and receiving process.


Warehouse Management System (WMS)

While not a physical piece of equipment. WMS software plays a crucial role in warehouse operations by providing real-time visibility, inventory control, and optimization of warehouse processes.

Material Handling Equipment (MHE)

This category includes various types of equipment used for handling goods within warehouse, such as pallet inverters, drum handlers, and carton flow racks.

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors are elevated platforms constructed within the warehouse to create additional storage space or work areas. They are often are used to maximize vertical space in the facility.  

Packing Equipment

Packing equipment, such as stretch rappers, strapping machine, and case sealers, are used to prepare goods for shipment by securely packing them in containers or pallets.

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment, including guardrails, bollard, and safety barriers, is essential for ensuring safe working environment in the warehouse and protecting personal equipment from accidents.


Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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