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SAP Vendor Invoice Management


Vendor Invoice Management is a solution for the management of invoices. By implementation VIM easily manage the invoices workflow, no error in payment of amount to the vendor, various types of invoices is possible to create, reporting is correct, keep check of document type, invoice information, errors being eliminated and duplicate check. Highly configurable design of VIM is highly capable to execute various business scenarios as per the needs of various business organizations.

Before creating SAP document VIM preprocesses the data. As system validates all type of defined business rules and pass the document then document created in SAP.

Procurement Process

Let us take a overview of Procurement Process. In Procurement Process involve following steps.

· Determination of requirement

· Purchase Requisition

· Source Determination

· Request for Quotation

· Vendor Selection

· Purchase Order Processing

· Purchase Order Monitoring

· Goods Receipt

· Invoice Verification

· Payment Processing

Business Problems

Management Perspective

· Higher cost of per invoices

· Efficient reporting system is required to improve the problem invoicing process

· Discounts are missing

· negative credit rating due Late payment

· Inaccuracy in liability reporting


· Performing business with those companies is very difficult which unable to inform when they make payment for the invoices.

Accounts Payable’s Perspective

· Manual keying of invoice data

· AP blamed for late payments or lost invoices

· Low productivity, Late payments and lost invoices

· Manual and paper based processes are cumbersome and time consuming

· Vendors often are unaware of invoice status, when to expect payments

From Buyer Perspective

· Negotiation with suppliers is more useful than solving the invoice problems

· Running a report on the blocked invoice is difficult

From IT’s Perspective

· A solution from a reliable supplier with reliable technology and functionality

· A solution that does not require lengthy training

· A solution that comes pre-integrated with your SAP ERP

· Associating documents, e-mails, faxes, scanned images with SAP transactions

Invoice Problem Resolution in SAP- Current Process

· Prepare: Scanning the invoice data comes in SAP Archiving

· Transform : Invoice recognition, Optimize Character Recognition (OCR)& Validation (checks for mandatory data)

· Invoice Verification: Verify and complete triggering workflow

· Collaboration & Monitoring: Exception handling, Comment

· Invoice Completion: Approve, Post Invoice

· Payment: Pay

Open Text Vendor Invoice Management

Scanning of Invoice & It is stored in Archiving Server.

Invoice Processing

· Incoming Document

· OCR (Optimize Character Recognition)

· Invoice Validation

· Exception Routing

· Invoice Approval Processing

· Analytics and Monitoring

VIM Architecture

Role Creation

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