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SAP MM Important Tables

A list of essential and regular tables used in Material Management (MM). This is a ready reference that may be used to compose FS or analyze the information. Let’s get started. SAP MM (Materials Management) is a module in the SAP ERP system that is used to manage procurement and inventory activities in an organization. It is a key component of the SAP logistics module and helps organizations to manage their procurement processes, inventory levels, and material requirements.

There are several important tables in SAP MM (Material Management) that are used to store and manage data related to various aspect of the procurement process. Here are some important tables;

1. EKPO- Purchase Order Item: This table stores information about each item of a purchase order, including the material number, quantity, price, and delivery date.

2. EKKO- Purchasing Document Header: This table stores store information about the overall purchase order, including the vendor, purchasing organization, and order total.

3. MARA- General Material Data: This table store basic information about each material, such as its description, unit of measure, and weight.

4. MSEG- Document Segment: This table stores information about all material movements, including goods receipts, goods issues, and stock transfers.

5. MKFP- Header Material Document: This table stores information about each material

document, including the material document number, posting date, and material type.

6. VNAP- Sales Document Item Data: This table stores information about each item on sales order, including material number, quantity and price.

7. VBRK- Billing Document Header Data: this table stores information about each billing document, including the customer, billing date, and total amount.

Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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