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SAP ERP Warehouse Management Q&A

SAP ERP Warehouse Management Q&A


In this blog we are going to discuss some questions and answers for SAP ERP Warehouse Management


Q-1: What are the components of warehouse structure?

Answer: Warehouse Number, Storage Type, Storage Section, Storage Bin Quants.

Q-2: Any Address attached with warehouse?

Answer: No

Q-3: What is IMG path to create Warehouse?


Q-4: How many warehouse be assign to storage location?

Answer: One Warehouse Per Storage location


Q-5: How storage location be assign to a warehouse?

Answer: Warehouse can be assign to one or more plant/storage location combination.


Q-6: What are control parameter at warehouse level?


1. Weight Unit, 2. Volume Unit, 3. 1st & 2nd Default Unit of Measurement, 4. Blocking Logic, 5. Multiple Processing-Partial picking, 6. Control Data/ Management- SU management Active, 7. Notification/ Messages- Capacity Check, Batch missing (TR), Activity Data 

Q-7: What is storage type?


A warehouse number is divided up into a number of storage types.  A storage type is defined on the basis of its spatial or organizational features (for example, high rack storage area, bulk storage area, goods receipt area).

A storage type has the following features:

  • A storage type does not have an address, but a short description.

  • It is possible to store storage-type-specific material data.

  • Within a storage type, inventory is executed for each storage bin.

Q-8: What is IMG path to define storage type?


Q-9: What are major parameters available in storage type?


Q-10: SAP table to see storage types maintained for WH?



Q-11: What is storage section?

Answer:  Within a storage type, a storage section is a series of storage bins with the same features. These bins are used for the purpose of stock placements.

For stock placements, the following features of storage bins can be important:

  • distance to the turnover point

  • loading capacity

  • temperature

Q-12: It is mandatory to create storage section?


Yes, at least 1 Storage Section is required to be created. Storage Section is then assigned to warehouse and Storage Type

Q-13: What is the IMG path to create storage section?



Q-14: SAP table to see storage sections maintained for WH?


Q-15: What are storage bins?

Answer: Storage bins are smallest unit of storage in warehouse where we can store the goods.

Q-16: What is storage bin type?

Answer: You can divide your storage bins into groups (for example, large storage bins, small storage bins, and so on).  A suitable storage bin is proposed by the system during stock placement in combination with the storage unit type.


1. Decide whether you want to use the "Storage bin type search".

2. Create your bin types with the corresponding names.

Q-17: What is IMG path to create storage bin type?


Q-18: What is Bin Structure, what is menu path to create storage bin manually?


Q-19: What is menu path to create storage bin automatically?


Q-20: What is menu path to block a bin?


Q-21: How to display Empty Bins and bin Status report?



Q-22: SAP table to see storage bins?


Q-23: What is quant?

Answer: A quant is a quantity of material with the same material number and the same batch number (if the material is batch managed) in a single storage bin.

Q-24: What does a quant record include?


  • Quant identification,

  • Plant

  • Material Number

  • Batch Number

  • Stock category

  • Special stock check box and number

Q-25: How to display a quant?



Q-26: SAP table to see quant?



Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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