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SAP ABAP Business Add On

What is BADI?

  • A BADI is an enhancement technique that facilitates a SAP programmer, a user, or a specific industry to add some additional code to the existing program in SAP system. We can use standard or customized logic to improve the SAP system. A BADI must first be defined and then implemented to enhance SAP application. While defining a BADI, an interface is created. BADI is implemented by this interface, which in turn is implemented by one or more adaptor classes.

  • Business Add-Ins or BADI are used to implement customer specific requirements in SAP software. It functions like users exists but are more advance to incorporate the user requirements.

  • BADIs were introduced with release 4.6

Concept of the BADIs

  • To incorporate the required functionalities in the Standard SAP code exist points are defined in this code (Standard SAP Code). This achieves the intention of programmer to add his changes in the SAP code without changing the actual code. Which is called as definition view

  • In the implementation views programmer choose his required method depending on the import parameters and adds the code in that method.

  • Single business add-in contains all the interfaces required to implement specific task.

  • BADI is an object oriented version of user exist, unlike user exist where we write our code in function module, in BADI we enter the code in the method are triggered at predefined points by standard SAP Program.

Define BADI

Implement BADI

How BADI Works?

  • As mentioned above functionality of BADIs and user exist is same. Only difference in BADI uses object oriented approach to achieve the functionality of the user exit. Both are the exit of the SAP standard program.

  • When we say BADI is being called, actually methods are being called which contain our code.

Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

§ Linked in profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajesh-sharma-204910278/

§ Twitter: RajeshS98151512/ RAJESH SHARMA@RAJESHS21287609

§ SAP Blogs: https://www.sastrageek.com/blog

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