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Process Oriented Storage Control

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Process Oriented Storage Control


Process Oriented Storage Control use to map complex put-away or stock removal, to do this we combine storage process steps into one storage process and can also trace the status of the individual process steps.

Process oriented storage control only operated with handling units


Storage Control

  • You can use the process-oriented as well as layout-process control.

  • The goal of storage control is to display your complex put-away or stock removal process steps based on your processes or your layout data.

  • During put-away or stock removal, an individual process step can be executed on single level bases or multi level bases through intermediate storage types.

  • Process Oriented Storage Control can be combined with Layout Oriented storage Control.

  • In EWM always execute Process Oriented Storage Control first,

  • The Layout Oriented Storage control then check whether the sequence of put-away process step is possible in lay out view, if required adjusts the flow of the put-away or stock removal.

Based On the process-oriented storage control, EWM determined the following put-away process

  • Unloading at door

  • Counting at counting station

  • Checking the quality

  • Executing value-added services

  • Put-away in high rack storage area

The layout-oriented storage control determines that a direct put-away in the rack storage area is not possible and that the put-away must occur with the use of an identification point.

  • Unloading at door

  • Counting at counting station

  • Identification of goods at the ID point

  • Put-away in high rack storage area


You need to define the following in customizing for put-away

  • Parameters that specifies the work station determination for the next function for example counting, within goods receipt process,.

The following parameters are possible

  • Source storage type

  • Destination activity area or destination storage type

  • Warehouse process type

  • Handling unit type

  • Determination of the warehouse process type, using the delivery type item type, among others.


  • You can define the process steps for your complex storage process.

  • A process steps for example, unloading, counting, or deconsolidating.

  • EWM recognizes internal process steps predefined by SAP and external steps that you can define yourself.

  • Your external process steps can base themselves on internal ones.

  • Internal or external steps can be simple, such as unloading, or combined, such as deconsolidating.

  • The process steps for the Counting and Deconsolidating process processes predefined by SAP can be dynamic.

  • During goods receipt or goods issue, EWM copies the predefined process steps from the storage process type to the handling unit as soon as it has created or changed them.

Configuration of POSC in EWM

POSC – Process Oriented storage Control

  • Multiple Steps Movements



  • External Movements in EWM: Internal Steps

  • Sequence: Unload---------->Put-away

  • Storage Process: (1. UNLOAD 2. PUT-AWAY)

  • Warehouse Process Type: Assign Storage type process

  • Once we determine Warehouse Process Type--->Storage Process->



  • PUT-AWAY ( GR STAGING GRP----------> Final Storage Bin

*NOTE: Process Oriented Storage Control only works with HUs

Before Configuration Process Oriented Storage Control We need to configure settings in

Goods Receipt Process

Define Process Storage Control

Storage Process is a combination of Steps, Unloading, VAS, Quality Integration and Final Put-away.

Warehouse Process type is a control parameter to move products.

Warehouse Process type is assigned to Storage Process. We need to maintain source and destinations for each step,

Unload and Put-away are known as external steps.HU is mandatory for POSC.

  • Define External Steps

NUNL---> Unloading

NDCN---> Deconsolidation

NPUT---> Final Put-away

  • Storage Process Definition and Assign Storage Process Steps

  • Define Warehouse Process Type Control Indicator

  • Determine Warehouse Process Type

  • T-code: MM01- Create Material for Deconsolidation

  • Maintain Warehouse Process Type Indicator in Warehouse Product Master

T- Code: /N/SCWM/MAT1

  • Define Warehouse Process Type

In Storage Process Setting we need to assign Storage Process Type- DECO

  • Define Storage Type

  • Define Bin Structure

  • Create Storage Bin

T-code: /N/SCWM/LS10

  • Define Storage Type Search Sequence

  • Assign Storage Type Search Sequence to Storage Type

  • Define Put-away Control Indicator

  • Specify Search Sequence for Put-away

  • Optimize Access Strategy For Storage Type Search; Put-away

  • Maintain Put-away Control Indictor in Warehouse Product Master Warehouse Data

T-code: /N/SCWM/MAT1

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