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Packaging Specification in Extended Warehouse Management

Packaging Specification

  • Packing Specification is a master data in which we maintain necessary packaging level of a product for put away distribute the product.

  • In Packaging specification we define what quantity we pack of the product and which packaging material will use.

  • In Printed form packaging specification is a set of instructions for the employee in warehouse.

  • More specifically work steps that need to enter in a packaging specification will provide information of packaging instruction to employee.

- Where to place label on a box

- How much Quantity pack in box

- How much box need to stacked on a pallet

Structure of Packaging Specification

  • Header

Attributes such as the name of the packaging specification, username, status, and so on.

  • Contents

A packaging specification contains a product. However, some packaging specifications contain more than one product, or refer to other packaging specifications.

  • Level

A packaging specification contains one or more levels. Each level contains a target quantity, which defines how many times you can pack the previous level into this level.

  • Element Group

For each level there is exactly one element group. However, you can reuse element groups in several packaging specifications.

  • Elements

Elements consist of a packaging material and a work step.

  • Step

A text with an identification, which you can use in one or more packaging specifications.

  • Packaging Material

A product that is defined with a packaging material type in the product master.


Product: Mineral Water- 1Ltr

1st Level- 12 Water Botle Wrap in Poly Pack

2nd Level- 12 Botle Pack in Carton Box

3rd Level- 10 Carton (10 X 12Botel) Each Pallet- 120 1 Ltr. Botle


  • Maintain HU management

  • Create Packing Material

- Polythene- Auxiliary Packing Material

- Carton- Main Packing Material

- Pallet- Main Packing Material

Packaging Specification Configuration

1. Define Number Range for Packaging Specification

2. Define General Packaging Specification Parameter

3. Define Packaging Specification Group

4. Maintain Packaging Specification Structure

4.1 Define Level Set

4.2 Define Element Type
4.3 Define Level Set
4.4 Define Work Step
4.5 Assign Packaging Material Type to Element Type
4.6 Assign Work Step to Packaging Material Type

5. Packaging Specification Determination

5.1 Create Field catalog

5.2 Define Condition Table

5.3 Define Access Sequence

5.4 Define Condition Type

5.5 Element Determination

5.6 Create Condition Maintenance Group

5.7 Maintain Packaging Material Global Data

5.8 Create Work Step

5.9 Create Element Group

6. Create Packaging Specification

7. Maintain Condition Record

8. Test Automatic Packaging Inbound Delivery

8.1 Create Purchase Order

8.2 Create Inbound Delivery

8.3 Maintain Inbound Delivery in EWM

8.4 Stock Overview in EWM


We can see the Inbound Delivery Packed automatically as per packaging specification maintained

  • Product- 1 Ltr. Mineral Water Bottle

  • Each Box- 12 Mineral Water Bottles

  • Each Pallet- 10 Carton Box (120 I Ltr. Mineral Water Bottles

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