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Overview SAP EWM Easy Access Screen

Overview SAP EWM Easy Access    

This blog will discuss about the Overview SAP EWM Easy Access Screen.


The SAP EWM Easy Access Screen is the main entry point for accessing SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) functionality within the SAP system. It provides users with a centralized location to navigate and execute various warehouse management tasks and processes. Here’s an overview of the SAP EWM Easy Access Screen and it’s key components;


Access SAP Using SAP GUI

The SAP Graphical User Interface (GUI) is used for accessing SAP’s applications. Once you install SAP install SAP GUI in your system, the logon icon is display on your desktop.

By Clicking on SAP (GUI) icon you can easily access the desired clients through the logon window. Which contains a list of connections that can be named and organized into a folder and subfolders for easier management.

  • SAP GUI login screen open

  • Click on Connection line item

  • Enter Client, User Name and Password and Press Enter

SAP Easy Access Screen

Get Familiar With Standard Tool Bar

Short cut keys are;

F3- Back to Previous Screen

F8- Execute a Program

F7- Display Object

The create a new session button, create a new session, you can work in several GUI session simultaneously, maximum number session you can create 16 but this number can be reduces by Basis System Administrator.

Enter Command Transection Code* in Command Field to navigate

SAP Transaction Code are short alphanumeric strings that specific entry points within an SAP system.

Warehouse Monitor

Step 1: Enter Warehouse Number

Step 2: Enter Warehouse Monitor

Step 3: Click on Execute Button

From here we can get status of Inbound, Outbound Delivery, Stock Status of Materials, Storage Bins Status navigate through menu tree available on the warehouse monitor screen.

Inbound Process

Step 1: Enter Delivery Document Number

Step 2: Click on Execute Button

Outbound Process

Step 1: Enter Outbound Delivery Document Number

Step 2: Click on Execute button

Overall, the Easy Access screen serves as a centralized hub for users to navigate, access, and manage various functionalities within the SAP EWM system efficiently. It provides a user-friendly interface designed to enhance productivity and streamline warehouse.  

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Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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