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Overview RF Devices in SAP EWM

RF Device in SAP EWM

In this blog we will discuss about importance of RF devices in SAP EWM.

Radio Frequency (RF) device play a crucial role in SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) by providing real-time communication between the warehouse management system and warehouse operators. Here is an overview of RF devices in SAP EWM;


RF Devices allow warehouse operators to interact with the SAP EWM system without any wire, typically using handheld scanners or mobile devices with built-in barcode scanners. They enable users to perform various warehouse tasks, such as goods receipt, put-away, picking, packing and inventory management, directly from warehouse floor.

Key Features

RF devices are equipped with barcode scanners that can read barcodes or RFID tags attached to goods, storage bins, and handling units. This enables warehouse operators to quickly and accurately capture data, such as material numbers, quantities, and storage locations, without manual data entry.

RF Devices support voice-guided and screen based workflows, allowing warehouse operators to choose the most suitable input method based on their preferences and the task in hand. Voice-directed picking, for example, can improve productivity and reduce errors, by providing verbal instructions to operators.


RF devices are ruggedized and designed for use in harsh warehouse environments, with features such as drop resistance, dust and moisture resistance, and long battery life to ensure reliable performance in demanding conditions.


RF devices seamlessly integrated with SAP EWM through standard communication protocols, such as RF Framework (RFC), Web-Sockets, or SAP-Console. They communicate to support warehouse operations.

RF Devices can also integrate with other system and devices in the warehouse ecosystem, such as warehouse automation equipment, conveyor systems, and vehicle-mounted terminals (VMTs), to enable end-to-end automation and optimization of warehouse processes.


Improved Productivity: RF devices enable faster and more accurate execution of warehouse tasks, leading to increase productivity throughout.

Enhanced Accuracy: Barcode scanning and real time data capture minimize errors and reduce the risk of inventory discrepancies.

Greater Flexibility:  RF devices support flexible and mobile warehouse operations, allowing operators to perform tasks anywhere in the warehouse without being tied to fixed work stations.

Real-Time Visibility: RF Devices provide real-time visibility into warehouse activities, allowing managers to monitor operations, track inventory movements, and make informed decisions real-time.

Overall, RF devices are essential tools in SAP EWM that enable efficient, accurate, and flexible warehouse operations, driving productivity, and improving customer satisfaction.

Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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