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Job Hunt lesson Learnt from Movie, KAUN PRAVIN TAMBE?

Recently, I watched a movie called Kaun Pravin Thambe?

If you have not yet watched that movie, go and watch it. It's very motivational. it would be motivating you if you are trying to achieve your career goal & you're not getting successful. You are trying again and again but still feel that the success is quite far, watch this movie. This should definitely help and motivate you to stay on struggle path and finally achieve your goal.

The movie is about Pravin, a cricketer (fast bowler & batsman) who wants to play Ranji cricket and has been trying to do so for years. Everybody is telling him that he's too old and should stop trying. But he never quits it, instead continuing to try until one day at the age of 40++, Pravin discovers his talent as spin bowler & played Indian Premier League for Rajasthan Royals.

The story seems to be very much in line with one of the profiles we provided training to - Mr. Rajesh Sharma. It also talks about him starting his career at the age of 50+, as a SAP MM & EWM Consultant. Have a look at his success story on our YouTube channel:

I feel the movie can provide some key lessons to those who are looking for a career change & they feel they are growing old.

Below are key lessons learnt from movie-

  • Never lose hope. Keep on trying and never quit.

  • Age doesn't matter if you have strong will power. Watch and learn.

  • Be open to new skills and improve your skills.

  • Have a good coach or mentor who can understand your potential and mold you as per market requirements.

  • It is ok to do small and odd jobs to earn your bread and butter while you are preparing yourself for bigger opportunities.

  • Have a good connections and network - see how Abhay Kurwila helped getting Pravin connected with Rahul Dravid

We're excited to share another success story of Nehal, who started her career at Accenture Germany as a SAP SD consultant. Watch out for this upcoming success story on our YouTube channel (launching in 2 weeks).

Share your thoughts over comment section. Let me know if you have similar kind of story on your career path

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