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Inbound Process With Automatic Storage Determination for Put-away

Inbound Process Automatic Determination Destination Storage Bin Using Put-away Indicator


This blog will discuss the Put-away using Storage Type Search Sequence Strategies in SAP Extended Warehouse Management.


In this test, I explained how we can create and confirm warehouse tasks from the monitor. 


Test & Validation

·      Perform test put-away transactions to ensure the system correctly assigns storage bins according to the defined strategy.

·      Adjust configurations based on test results and operational feedback.

Steps Inbound Process Flow

1.     Create Purchase Order

Step 1: T-code- ME21N- Create Purchase Order

Step 2: Enter Vendor, Purchase Organization, Purchasing group, and Company Code.

Step 3: Enter Material, Quantity, Price, Plant, Storage Location

Step 4: Enter Confirmation- Inbound Delivery and Save

2.     Create Inbound Delivery

Step 1: T-code: VL31N

Step 2: Enter Purchase Order Number, and External ID, Press enter, and Click on Save

  • Inbound Delivery 180002072 created

3. Process Inbound Delivery in Warehouse

Step 1: T-code: /N/SCWM/PRDI

Step 2: Enter Delivery Document

Step 3: Execute

Step 4: Click on Inbound==> Follow on Functions==> Warehouse Task

Step 5: Click on Create Button

Warehouse Task Create Automatically because we have to maintain automatic bin determination configuration

Step 6: Click on Save

Step 7: Warehouse Task==>Click on Confirm

4.     Stock Overview in Warehouse Monitor

Why is the System Determining HIRS Storage Bins?

Because we have maintained the following;

1.       Define Storage Type- HIRS and Create Storage Bin, Create Bin Sorting

2.       Define the Storage Type Search Sequence HIRS

3.       Define Put-away Control Indicator- PHIR

4.       Specifies Search Sequence for Put-away

5.       Optimize Access Strategy for Storage Type Search Sequence for Put-away

6.       Maintained the Put-away Control Indicator in the Warehouse Product Master


We have maintained the put-away control indicator in the warehouse product master so the system determined storage type HIRS because we have maintained the put-away control indicator and storage type search sequence in configuration.


As we create a warehouse task system determines the storage bin automatically for put-away.


Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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