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Inbound Process in Extended Warehouse Management

Inbound Delivery Process

In SAP S/4HANA Embedded Warehouse Management the Inbound Delivery document containing the required data for performing and monitoring Inbound Delivery Process with in the warehouse.

The Inbound Delivery process starts with Goods Receipt, and end with final put-away of the product in destination storage bin, production or outbound delivery.


Organizational Data

  • Company Code

  • Plant and storage location assigned EWM

  • Purchasing Organization

  • Purchasing Group

  • Shipping Point

Warehouse Structure

  • Warehouse defined and assign to plant

  • Warehouse Storage type

  • Storage Section

  • Storage Bin

Transactional Data

  • Vendor Master

  • Material Master

  • Party entitled to dispose

EWM Configuration

  • EWM should configured with ECC

  • Warehouse Process Type configuration

Purchase Order Processing

  • Approved requisition is received by the purchasing department

  • Purchasing officer create the purchase order

T-code: ME21N

Header Data

Enter – vendor*

Purchase Organization*

Purchasing Organization*


Material Code*


Measure Unit*


Storage Location*

Item Detail*

Confirmation – Inbound delivery*

Note: * All data is essential to create PO for

Inbound delivery Process in EWM

Purchase Order Processing

An official document called ‘Purchase Order’ (PO) will be created to each vendor and order the material

These documents will be sent to the concerned Vendors through..




  • Purchase Order Processing

Based on the Purchase order vendors will send the material to the plants

In Plant concerned people will receive the material (Goods will be received)

  • Inbound Delivery Processing in EWM

  • Goods Receipt Processing

Create Inbound Delivery in ECC

T-Code: VL31N

Enter Vendor

Purchase Order Number

ASN Number Optional

Press Enter

Enter Received Quantity and Save

The Inbound delivery distributed in WM system message will appear on the screen

  • Inbound Delivery Processing in EWM

T-code: /N/SCWM/PRDI

Enter- ERP INB Document 18005514 Number Execute

Header Data & Item Data Line view

  • Header Data Form View

  • Goods Receipt

  • Warehouse Monitor

  • Warehouse Task Creation

  • Confirm Warehouse Order

  • Confirm Warehouse Order

  • Goods Receipt

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SAP MM/EWM Functional Consultant

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