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Inbound Process Automatic Determination Destination Storage Bin Using Storage Type Search Sequence Strategy

Inbound Process Automatic Determination Destination Storage Bin


This blog will discuss the Put-away using Storage Type Search Sequence Strategies in SAP Extended Warehouse Management.


In this test, I explained how we can create and confirm warehouse tasks from the monitor. 



Test & Validation

·      Perform test put-away transactions to ensure the system correctly assigns storage bins according to the defined strategy.

·      Adjust configurations based on test results and operational feedback.

Steps Inbound Process Flow

1.     Create Purchase Order

Step 1: T-code- ME21N- Create Purchase Order

Step 2: Enter Vendor, Purchase Organization, Purchasing group, and Company Code.

Step 3: Enter Material, Quantity, Price, Plant, Storage Location

Step 4: Enter Confirmation- Inbound Delivery and Save

2.     Create Inbound Delivery

Step 1: T-code: VL31N

Step 2: Enter the Purchase Order Number, and External ID, Press enter, and Click on Save.

  • Inbound Delivery 180001931 created

3.     Process Inbound Delivery in Warehouse Monitor

Step 1: T-code: /N/SCWM/MON

Step 2: Enter Warehouse Number, Monitor

Step 3: Inbound==> Document==> Inbound Delivery==> Search By LE delivery Number, and Execute

  • Inbound Delivery Display in Warehouse monitor click on INB Delivery Item

  • Warehouse Process Type 1010 triggered

Step 2: To create the Warehouse Task click on More Methods Click on Create Warehouse Task in the Background

  • Because we have maintained Storage Type Search Sequence so Warehouse Tasks get created

  Step 3: Click on the Warehouse Task tab

  • We can see the material is moving from GR Bin to HIRK-01-01-01 because we have maintained the HIRK Storage Type Search Sequence in Configuration

Step 4: Click on More Methods and Confirm Warehouse Task in the Background

Step 5: Click on Continue

Step 6: Refresh Screen we can check warehouse activity and put away got completed

Step 6: Stock Overview for Product

4.     Display Inbound Delivery in S/4HANA After Warehouse Activity

Step 1: VL33N- Enter Inbound Delivery Document Number Press Enter

Step 2: Click on the Goods Movement Tab here we can check the goods movement completed

5.     Stock Overview in S/4HANA

Step 1: T-code: MMBE

Step 2: Enter Material, Plant, and Execute

5.     Stock Overview in the Warehouse

Step 1: T-code- MB52

Step 2: Enter Material, Plant, and Execute



The Storage Type Search Sequence Configuration checked the system determines the correct storage bin as per the storage type search sequence strategy maintained in the system for the put-away of goods in the warehouse.


Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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