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What is IDOC context to SAP WM

IDOC could refer to various things depending on the context. It might be a type or abbreviation. IDOC as an abbreviation for “interactive document,” which typically involves documents with multimedia elements. In the context of SAP WM (Warehouse Management), IDOC stands for Intermediate Document. IDOC is a standard SAP document format for exchanging data between system. IDOC are often used for communication between SAP ERP system and Warehouse Management system to facilitate the exchange of information related to warehouse processes such as,

  • Goods Receipt

  • Goods Issue

  • Stock Transfers

What tools SAP provided to communicate with external system for all these interface setup

SAP provided three tools

  • IDOC

  • ALE

  • RFC

Example of Message Type and IDOC type

WMMBID01-iDOC involves in posting goods receipts from external systems in IM

Message type- DESDAV-Outbound EDI for sending shipping notification.

Message type- CARNOT-Outbound EDI used for forwarding agent

Message type- SHPORD-Outbound EDI used for shipping order to warehouse contractor

Message type- SHPCON- Inbound EDI used for shipping confirmation from shipping agent

Message type- WHSORD- Outbound EDI used for Warehouse Order (TO) to internal warehouse

Message type- STPPOD- Outbound EDI used for sending/request for proof of delivery

Message type- SHPADV- Inbound for shipment creation by your partner

Message type- SHPMNT- Inbound for modification/ change done by your partner

Message Type- STPPOD- it is Inbound EDI

WMMBID01 IDOC used for put-away from production plant to the IM

WMTOID01 IDOC used for put-away from production plant to WM

WMTOID01 IDOC used to generate transfer order for this delivery note to external system

WMTOID01 IDOC used for put away to WM with manual bin allocation

WMTOID01 IDOC used for Replenishment TO for the production plant

WMIVID01 IDOC used for entering inventory count data with WM

SDPADID01 IDOC used for report packing to SD

SDPIOD01 IDOC used for issued for sending picking request

SDPII01 IDOC used for update picking request for in the delivery document

WMSUID01 IDOC used for a pallet movement is reported

SHPMNT06 IDOC used for where PGI is done with respect to shipment document

SHPMNT07 IDOC type and SHPCON message type used PGI with respect to delivery document



Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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