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History of SAP Warehouse Management

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Have a look on development of Warehouse Management in SAP up to 2020

SAP Warehouse Management Release


Warehouse logistics was implemented in the R/2 Environment. WM function partially integrated into SAP R/3, The term Warehouse Management (WM was used as a component of Material Management (MM) in release 12.0


With Release 3.0 additional integrated functions were implemented in WM with the organizational unit Production Supply Area(PSA), the integration of Production Planning was established.


SAP recognizes that a warehouse also features openings to the outside world. Upgrade 4.0, new organizational unit was available. They aim to integrate the transport.


New release 4.5, the Logistic Execution (LE) was introduced as separate module, the existing MM component WM, SD components, Shipment (SHP), and Transportation (TRA), from logistics solution consisting of Warehouse Management (LE-WM), Shipment (LE-Shipment), and Transportation (LE-TRA)


4.6 Release made sub module with Radio Frequency, and SAP transaction for mobile data acquisition


Release 4.7 with extension set 1.10 was implemented in Logistics Execution Systems (LES). Task and Resource Management (TRM), primarily was designed to enable mapping of multistage movements.


The extension set 2.0 of the release 4.7 contains additional sub modules that are connected to core components of the LES. The sub module “Direct Store Delivery Backend” supports direct deliveries to the subsidiary branch office. It is supplement to the transport components (LE-TRA)


The release provides some additions in the Direct Store Delivery Backend area.


The release ERP 6.0 SAP ramped up the process of EWM 5.0, with the introduction of a new system, with new functions, new processes, using a completely new system and document structure. The organizational unit were taken over from SAP LES and supplemented by new organizational units.


The release of SAP EWM 5.1 is another important milestone in the SAP warehouse logistics history. The new Material Flow System (MFS) component was introduced,


In release 7.0 SAP closes the process gap in the production supply existing until. The Cross Docking process area is supplemented by the Opportunistic Cross Docking as well as Merchandise Distribution Cross Docking.


Release 7.01 includes the expansion regarding Material Flow System (MFS). On the performance side, the response time of the telegram exchange have been improved, The functions also cover requirements related to controlling container, conveyor equipment.


The Release of 7.02 reflects the replacement of the old SAP LES. Its uses migration tools for taking over the master data and processes from the SAP LES. The Rapid Deployments Solutions (RDS), a fast deployment of and conversion to SAP EWM was also made possible.


Release 9.0, SAP combines its three systems Extended Warehouse Management, Transport Management (TM) and Event Management (EM) on the common system platform SAP Supply Chain Execution (SCE). SAP EWM 9.0 offers a solution by using stock-specific units of quantity that will significantly facilitate the goods issue processes with different packaging units.


Release 9.1, on May 2014 with labor demand planning, several enhancements on inspection lot creations and S&R activities like door appointment scheduling.


Release 9.2, on April 2015 with several enhancements of Production planning staging and consumption. New User Interface of Dock Appointment scheduling for carriers, labor demand planning forecasting and Material flow System (MFS) for complex warehouse solution.


Release 9.3, on November 2015, incorporated new functionalities like transit warehousing and warehouse billing processes.


Release 9.4, on May 2016. Advanced Production Integration incorporated along with enhancing shipper information for transit warehouse solutions.


Release 9.5, on Nov2017. Shift management, time management, time and attendance processes are enhanced under labor management


Embedded EWM S/4HANA Release 1809, on Sept. 2020. Reuse of ERP delivery number in EWM for both Outbound and Inbound deliveries, synchronous stock posting with Inventory management, better Visibility for ERP Storage locations assignment, New monitor method to change of “Stock type”, New Monitor Method confirmation warehouse task with Exception. Change log for Storage Bin, New FIORI app, Pack outbound delivery, Count Physical Inventory, with enhancements in Inbound and Outbound Delivery FIORI Apps.


Embedded EWM S/4HANA Release 1909, on Sept.2019. Important highlights of this release are the increase integration between Extended Warehouse Management and Manufacturing Execution through new contact points between the two systems.


Embedded EWM S/4HANA Release 2010, on October 2020. Enhanced analytical capabilities to improve warehouse visibility, the new capabilities come with new Core Data Services (CDS) views and an improved navigation, allowing resolving possible bottlenecks, newly integrated just-in-time supply to production into EWM enables you to reduce stock figures which has cost saving effects on your company.

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