Extended Warehouse Master Data

Extended Warehouse management Master Data

In Extended Warehouse Management we deal with various master data to execute warehouse operation. We can classify Master Data as follows;

· Enterprise Organizational structure

· Warehouse Structure Master Data

· Supply Chain Unit

· Custodian

· Party Entitled to Dispose

· Material Master Data

· Warehouse Product Master

· Handling Unit Data

· Packaging Material Data

· Warehouse Resource Data

1. Enterprise Organizational Structure

· Company Code: NVRS

· Company: NVRS

· Plant: NVRP- EWM Managed, NVRS- WM Managed

· Purchase Organization: NVRS

· Purchasing Group: NVG

· Plant Storage Location: ROD-(Received on Dock), AFS (Available for Sale)

· Sales Organization: NVRS

· Distribution Channel: NV

· Division: 01- Product Division

· Shipping Point- NVSP for Plant NVRP, NVPS for Plant NVRS

· ERP Warehouse Number: NWM

2. EWM Warehouse Organizational Structure

  • EWM Warehouse Number: NVWM

  • Storage Type: YHGH, NV01, NV02, NV03, NV04

  • Storage Section: Pallet, Warehouse Rack, Fast Moving, Slow Moving

  • Storage Bin Type: Short Bulk Storage Bin

3. Supply Chain Unit

Physical or Organizational unit that used within a logistical process (Example; RO-Goods Receipt Office, SO-Shipping Office, INV-Warehouse (Inventory Management)

SCU is the physical location of address

· When manufacturing plant owned warehouse location will be same as plant location

· When manufacturing plant have 3rd party logistics

4. Custodian

Custodian is the Owner of the warehouse. In case of Plant having own warehouse plant is the owner of the warehouse. In case of 3rd party logistics owner will be 3rd party.

5. Party Entitled to Dispose

SAP EWM allows the connection of multiple ERP systems to your warehousing system without the need to segregate stocks, meaning no loss of capacity in your warehouse. An entity called 'Party Entitled to Dispose' (PETD) allows for having stock from one system sat in a bin next to stock from another system.

An organization, defined as a business partner that is entitled to dispose of stock. Usually Disposal party is the plant in EWM.

If in EWM warehouse you are storing material belongs to multiple plants we need to define Party Entitled to Dispose or Plant as vendor for each plant. We must have Business Partner with BP Role

BP General Role

FLVN00- FI Vendor- Company Code Data

FLVN01- Vendor – Purchasing Data

We need to assign the plant to a vendor

Note: We don’t assign Party Entitled to dispose as default in EWM warehouse if we are managing storage of multiple plant material in single warehouse

6. Material Master

Material Master will maintain in ERP system. We can create, or change material in ERP system

T-code: MM01- Create Material

Material Number: NVRP-EWM-MAT1

Industry Type: Mechanical

Material Type: FERT

Select View:

o Basic Data 1, Basic Data 2, Sales Org Data-1, Sales Org Data-2, Sales Genera/Plant Data, Purchasing, Plant Storage Data-1, Plant Storage Data-2, Accounting-1, Accounting-2

Organizational Data

o Plant- NVRP

o Storage Location- ROD

o Sales Organization- NVRS

o Distribution Channel- NV

Enter Data

o Basic Data 1-

- Material Number, Material Description,

- General Data- Base unit of Measure, Material Group, Division, Gen Item Category Group

- Dimension EAN- Net Weight, Gross Weight

o Basic Data 2

o Sales Org Data 1

- Delivering Plant- NVRP

- Tax Data

o Sales Org Data 2

- Gen Item Category Group- NORM, Item Category Group-NORM

o Sales Org General/Plant Data

- General Data, Unit of Measure, Net Weight, Gross Weight, Availability Check

- Shipping Data- Transportation Group- 0001, Loading Group- 0001

- Packaging Material Data

o Purchasing Data

- General Data, Purchasing Group- NVG

- Purchasing Value Key

- Other Data

o Plant Storage Data 1

o Plant Storage Data 2

o Accounting 1

- Valuation Class- 7920

- Pricing Control, S-Standard or V-Moving Average Price

o Accounting 2

Save- Material Created

7. Warehouse Product Master

After creating Material Master we need to create Warehouse Product Master. We can create Warehouse Product in two ways.

T-code: /N/SCWM/MAT1- Create Warehouse Product Master for single material

Menu Path:

SAP Easy Access> SAP Menu> Logistics> SCM EWM> Extended Warehouse Management> Master Data> Product> Maintain Warehouse Product

Warehouse Product Master

Properties, Unit of Measure, Additional GTINs/EANs, Classification, Packaging and Storage Material are maintained in ERP Material Master this is triggering in Warehouse Product Master from ERP Material Master.

Warehouse Data

We maintain, Process Type Determinatio