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Extended Warehouse Management Terminologies

SAP EWM Terminologies  

In this blog will discuss about SAP EWM Terminologies


A unique identifier assigned to each physical warehouse or storage location within EWM system. It is represented by four-digit alpha numeric key example 0001, RJEW, or RJ01

Storage Bin

Storage bin a smallest unit of storage in the warehouse where materials are stored. Storage bins are identified by a unique address within storage type.

Storage Type

A grouping of storage bins with similar characteristics or properties, such as temperature or storage requirements.

Stock type

Indicators the purpose of usage of stock in the warehouse, such as unrestricted, stock, blocked stock, or quality inspection stock.

Handling Unit

A physical unit used for packing materials. Handling units can be include pallets boxes, or other containers.

Inbound Delivery

Represents the arrival of goods into warehouse. An inbound delivery contains information about the materials, quantities, and storage locations.


Outbound Delivery

Represents the shipping or distribution of goods from warehouse. An outbound delivery includes about the materials, quantities, and destinations.

Warehouse Task (WT)

A specific unit of work in the warehouse, such as picking, packing, or goods receipt, Warehouse tasks are created based on demand or operational requirements.

Warehouse Work Order

A document that specifies the movement of materials with in the warehouse. It is used to coordinate tasks such as picking, put away, and internal stock movement.


Represents a physical and logical resources in the warehouse, such as conveyor belt, forklift.

Work Center

A location or area in the warehouse where specific activities or processes are performed often associated with the resource.


The process of determining the optimal placement of goods in the warehouse based on factors such as demand, storage characteristics, and picking efficiency.

Labor Management

The module in EWM that focuses on managing and optimizing labor resources in warehouse operations, including workforce planning and performance monitoring.


Quality Inspection

The process of inspecting materials to ensure they meet quality standard before being moved to unrestricted stock.


The Process creating kits or assemblies by combining multiple materials into a single unit.

Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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