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Extended Warehouse Management Product Master

Warehouse Product Master


In this blog we are going to discuss about Warehouse Product Master Data.


Q-1: What is Warehouse Product Master?

Answer: In Extended Warehouse Management materials are use as products. The warehouse product is a warehouse number dependent view of the product master data. The warehouse product comprises all properties of product that relate to its storage in certain warehouse within the framework EWM such as put-away control indicator, stock removal indicator.

You need the warehouse product if you wish to use a product whose global data you already maintained in the material master.  

Material master data in ECC/S/4 HANA system is called warehouse product master in EWM. Material master is created first and then distributed to EWM using Core Interface (CIF). Additional data can also be added to the product master in EWM.

Q-2: What are the views transported to EWM from ERP?

Answer: Following existing views are maintained in ERP(S/4HANA) and sent to EWM

  • Basic Data

  • Unit of Measure

  • Sales General/Plant

  • Plant Data/ Storage 1

  • WM Execution

  • WM Packaging

Step 1: T-code: MM02

Step 2: Enter Material Number

Step 3: Select View

Step 4: Select Organization level

Step 5: Click on Continue

Q-3: How to integrate ERP material master with EWM Product Master?

Answer: Two options are available

1.     CIF

2.     IDOCs

For CIF use T-code: CFM1- To create Integration module and then CFM2- to execute CIF module (Only required if we are working in decentralized system land scape- In decentralized system land scape ERP and EWM system will be in separate set of box)

In centralized (Embedded EWM System landscape) CIF is not required material master data automatically reflected to EWM product master because ERP and EWM system are in one setoff box client is same for both.

Q-4: How to create/change/display maintain product master?


Q-5: How to create/change/display warehouse product master?


Step 1: t-code: /N/SCWM/MAT1

Step 2: Enter Material, Warehouse Number, Party Entitled to Dispose

Step 3: Create/Change/Display

Here we can see in properties data coming from ERP material master

Basic data- Material Number, Material Group, Gross Weight

Sales Plant General Data- Transportation group

Plant/ Storage 1 Data- Batch Management, Shelf life

Unit of measure- from Additional data in ERP material master Unit of measure

Packaging Data from ERP material master Sales General plant data and WM Execution

Storage Data


General Data

Q-6: Which tables warehouse product master data get stored?


Q-7: Which field are available in product master properties tab?


Q-8: Which field are available in product master Unit of Measure tab?


 Q-9: Which field are available in product master Packaging Data tab?


Q-10: Which field are available in product master Storage tab?


Q-11: Which field are available in product master Warehouse tab?


Q-12: Which field are available in product master Slotting tab?


Q-13: Which field are available in product master Storage Type data tab?


Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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