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EWM Inbound Process With POSC

Inbound Process With POSC

In this blog we are going to discuss about inbound delivery processing in warehouse using process oriented storage control.

What is POSC?

An inbound Process which undergoes with from one stage to another is termed as Process Oriented Storage Control.

Process Flow

1. Configuration Steps

1.1 Process Oriented Storage Control

  • Define External Steps

  • Define Storage Process Type

  • Assign External Steps to Storage Process

1.2 Define Warehouse Process Type

1.3 Define Warehouse Process Type Control Indicator

1.4 Warehouse Process Type Determination

1.5 Define Storage Type for Work Center

1.6 Define Storage Section for Work Center Storage Type

1.7 Create Storage Bin

1.8 Generate Activity Area

1.9 Define Work Center Layout

1.10 Define Work Center

1.11 Process Oriented Storage Control

1.12 Define Mater Data Attributes for Work Center

1.13 Maintain Warehouse Product Master

2. Test Inbound Process with POSC

2.1 Create Purchase Order

2.2 Stock Overview in S/4HANA

2.3 Create Inbound Delivery in S/4HANA

2.4 Maintain Inbound Delivery in EWM

  • Click on Form View Item Movement

  • Automatically Packed check HU

  • Click on Goods Receipt

  • Goods receipt Completed

  • Check Status and Shipping Delivery Conditions

  • Create Warehouse task

  • Create and Save

  • Go back to delivery and click on additional data display warehouse task

2.5 Stock Overview in S/4HANA after Goods Receipt

2.7 Goods Receipt updated in Inbound Delivery in S/4HANA

2.8 Warehouse Monitor

Here we can see 2 Warehouse task created (as per POSC configuration)

  • External Step-IB03- Put away task in waiting status

  • External IB01- Unloading Task in Open Status

  • Select Open task click one more methods and confirm warehouse task in background

  • Unloading completed and Step CNT task open

  • Select Open task click one more methods confirm warehouse task in background

  • Continue

2.9 Deconsolidation in Goods Receipt

  • Complete HU Activities and Select All HU click on Complete HU Button

2.10 Confirm Put away task on Warehouse Monitor

  • Now we can see

  • Stock Status in Storage Bin

2.11 Stock Overview in S/4HANA after Put away

Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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