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Handling Unit Configuration Settings in SAP S/4HANA

Handling Unit Management Configuration

In this blog, we are going to discuss the handling unit management configuration settings in SAP S/4HANA Extended Warehouse Management. 

Before going to handling unit management configuration settings to Extended Warehouse Management we need to make handling unit management configuration settings in SAP S/4HANA system.

Here I am configuring a generic packaging material for a generic pallet

Basic Settings in SAP S/4HANA

1.  Define Number Ranges

Step 1: Click on Add New Line Enter the Number Range from One as Internal to and save

Step 3: Enter on Add New Line Enter the Number Range One as External from to and save

1.  Define Packaging Material Type

The packaging material type combines packaging materials into groups and contains essential control features which apply to the corresponding shipping materials. When you specify a shipping material type in the material master record, each shipping material is assigned to a shipping material type.

The packaging material type controls the following points:

By specifying an output determination procedure and an output type, you determine which output can be printed during packing.

If several handling units are processed, you can define the sorting sequence with which the handling units are presented in the dialog.

Within delivery processing, delivery items can be generated from the handling units. This allows you to manage stocks for packaging materials (for example, your own or possibly special stocks) and to bill packaging materials. Two requirements must be met to do this:

  • An item category must exist in the handling unit. For an automatic item category determination, an item category group must be defined in the material master for the packaging materials, which is maintained in the delivery item category determination in Customizing for the relevant delivery type.

The packaging material category defines what is dealt with for the packaging material type; the packaging material type "truck" could, for example, be assigned to the packaging material category "means of transport", and a pallet to the packaging material category "packaging".

By entering a packaging material, you define, when generating a handling unit according to the method set for number assignment, how the identification of the handling unit is created. The assignment of a SSCC18 is, where necessary, also possible, if you set the number assignment here, using a number range interval, as long as you have maintained the handling unit category for the SSCC18 Generation.

  • Number range interval

If the identification of a handling unit results from a number range object, the number range interval is then defined by the number being retrieved.

Here, the category for the packaging material is defined for the generation of SSCC18.

  • Tare variable

Defines whether the tare weight for packaging materials for this packaging material type has a changeable tare volume.

Standard settings

In the standard delivery, plant determination is set so that the plant can be entered manually in the handling unit.


1. If you want to create a new packaging material type, enter an alphanumeric key with a maximum of 4 characters together with a textual description.

2. Make the necessary specifications in the detail screen of the packaging material type.

Further notes

1. Packaging materials for the packaging material category "auxiliary packaging materials" cannot be used for generating handling units. They can only be used for supplementing the packaging in a handling unit.

2. Always assign numbers clearly, using a number range interval or an SSCC18 generation.

Step 1: Enter 4 Digit and Description

Step 2: Plant Determination- The plant is entered manually in the handling Unit

Step 3: Packing Material Category

Step 4: Number Assignment

Step 5: Handling Unit Type

Step 6: Assign Internal Number Range Interval and External Number Range

3. Define Packing Material Group

Define material groups with which materials that are to be packed into similar packaging materials are grouped together.


The material group for packaging materials is entered in the material master record of the shipping material.


A material group for packaging materials can, for example, include all materials that are to be packed in bottles.


1. To create a new material grouping for packaging materials, enter an alphanumeric key with a maximum of 4 characters together with a textual description.


2. In the Define Allowed Packaging Materials IMG activity, assign the packaging material types to the material groups for packaging materials.

Step 1: Click on New Entries

Step 2: Enter four digit and description and save

4.  Define Allowed Packaging Material

Assign packaging material types to material groups to define which combinations are allowed during packing or the creation of handling units.


Assign the allowed packaging material types to each material group for packaging materials.

Further notes

For materials with no material group for packaging materials, no check is carried out on the eligibility of the packaging material. These materials can always be packed.


Above configuration settings, we need to perform in SAP S/4HANA before configuring Handling Unit Management in SAP Extended Warehouse Management.


Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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