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Business Configuration Sets

Business Configuration Sets

What is Business Configuration Sets?

  • A business configuration set (BC set) is management tool which help users to record, save and share customized settings. We can use standard BC sets provides by SAP (for select industries) and we can create our own.

  • BC sets is a part of SAP Best practices which are derived in the form of preconfigured business settings that can be used assembling either a prototype or a development system. The user can choose the pre-configuration to be used for implementation of a business scenario via the installation roles. When the BC sets are activated in the development system, configuration settings automatically carried out and save in transport requests. If necessary, delta configuration is employed to implement further customer specific requests that are not covered by the SAP best Practices scenarios. The transport requests resulting from the BC Set activation and delta configuration are than imported to Quality Assurance or Production system.

  • When BC set is created, values and combination of values are copied from the original customizing tables into the BC set and can be copied into in the tables, views and view clusters in the customer system. The BC sets are always transported into the customer system in which customizing is performed. The loading of the BC sets is logged by the system there for which BC set was copied when into system, and any errors which occurred.

  • BC sets are provided by SAP for selected industry sectors and customer can create their own.

Business configuration Sets Structure

  • BC sets has been developed to save customizing parameters values from a business point of view (a part of the reference model). In order to save the parameters of one customizing activity of a model element, individual customizing profiles can be used. These can

  • BC Sets group table values for the customizing area, for example a BC set could contain customizing settings for particular business processes. The table values can be in any order. You can put the values for a complete table, or individual fields of one or more table, in a BC set you can also combine several BC sets into one higher level BC set.

Types of BC sets

1) Simple BC Sets

2) Hierarchical BC sets

1. Simple BC Sets

A BC set contain data from one or more IMG activities. Each IMG activity is listed separately with customizing objects (table or views). The data is selected by table columns and rows, each column is field and each row is a record. There is no BC set size restriction.

2. Hierarchical BC Sets

Hierarchical BC set comprises several other BC sets, which can also be hierarchical. The hierarchy can have any number of levels. It structures complex system settings data. You can delete and add lower-level BC sets at any time.

Creation of BC set

  • BC sets can be created as follows

  • Via IMG hierarchy

  • You go to the IMG structure, where you can select the customizing activities, call the activities in a business process and copy all the values which is relevant for control the process.

  • By collecting BC sets

  • A BC set can compromise several other BC sets. You can create complex BC sets for industry sectors or a group rollout from smaller BC sets. These are called hierarchical BC sets.

  • Via a transport request

  • You can base a BC set on existing transports. In certain systems, every change records is recorded in a transport request. A BC set can be based on this transport request. BC sets created in this way must usually be edited.

Activities of BC set

  • BC sets can be later on used as a template.

  • They provide continuity.

  • Prevent project team members from overwriting each other’s settings.

Advantages of BC set

  • Efficient group rollout.

  • Industry sector systems are easier to create and maintain.

  • Customizing can be performed at a business level.

  • Change management is quicker and safer.

  • Upgrade is simple.

Note: Your BC sets is to be small as possible to preserve comprehensibility and reusability. You can model complex data in hierarchical BC sets.

How to Activate BC Sets

To activate SAP Business Configuration set aka BC Set

Note: The BC sets can only be activated if there is no production client in the system.

Step-1: T-code: SCPR20

Enter BC set name and click on F7 (activate BC set). You can execute the activation in foreground or back ground.

List of common BC Sets

Find here the list of common BC sets which are required to work with EWM on S/4HANA. All these are warehouse independent to establish integration

T-code: SCPR20

Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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