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ERROR-GR Completed in EWM but In S/4HANA Delivery Status and Stock not get updated

Delivery Status and Stock Not updated in S/4HANA

In this blog, we are going to discuss the error while processing goods receipts for Inbound Delivery in EWM. Goods Receipt completed and PPF action also triggered but as we check stock overview in S/4HANA is not updated

Goods Receipt Status in EWM

Stock Overview After Goods Receipt

Stock still in On order stock not updated to 950D Received on Dock Stock

Why was the stock not updated?

The system fails to update goods receipt to the S/4HANA system

Check Inbound Queues

Step 1: T-code: SMQ2- Inbound Queue

Step 2: Control F Button enter delivery document number and click on continue button

The number range for 9566 to Year 2023 is missing

Maintain Number Range

No Number Range Interval for 9566

Check Inbound Queues

Step 1: T-code: SMQ2- Inbound Queue

T-code: OKB9

Maintain Cost Control

Activate and Refresh the Queue

T-code: SMQ2

Step 1: Activate Queue

Step 2: Refresh Queue

Queue Get Released

T-code: VL33N- Check Status of Inbound Delivery Document


Above are the steps that needed to be followed to solve the delivery document not getting updated and stock not getting updated in S/4HANA

Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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