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ERP Organizational Structure for SAP EWM

EWM Enterprise Structure   

This blog will discuss about the ERP Organizational Structure for SAP Extended Warehouse Management System.

In SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), the organizational structure within the SAP ERP system is closely linked to the warehouse management processes. Here's an overview of the key components of the organizational structure in SAP ERP for EWM;

  1. Plant (Company Code): In SAP ERP, a plant represents a physical location where goods are produced, stored, or distributed. Each plant is assigned to a company code and is associated with specific business processes, such as procurement, production, and sales. In the context of EWM, a plant serves as the highest-level organizational unit and is typically associated with one or more warehouses or distribution centers.

  2. Storage Location: A storage location is a subdivision of a plant where goods are stored within the warehouse. It represents a specific physical area within the plant where inventory is managed and tracked. In EWM, storage locations serve as the primary storage areas within the warehouse and are associated with specific storage types and bins.

3. Warehouse Number (Warehouse ID):

While warehouse-related data is primarily managed within SAP EWM, the warehouse number (or warehouse ID) is still relevant in SAP ERP as a reference to the warehouse or distribution center associated with a specific plant or storage location.

The warehouse number serves as a link between SAP ERP and SAP EWM, enabling integration and data exchange between the two systems.

Configuration Steps

1. Financial Accounting

Define Company & Company Code and Assign Company Code to Company in real time projects this activity done by FI Consultants.

  • Define Company

  • Define Company Code

  • Assign Company to Company Code

2. Logistics General

Define Plant and Division and Assign Company Code to Plant in real time projects this activity done by FI/MM Consultants.

  • Define Valuation Type

  • Define Plant

  • Define Division

  • Assign Company Code To Plant

3. Sales & Distribution

Define Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Define Sales Group, Maintain Sales office and Sales Group these all activities perform by SD consultants.

  • Define Sales Organization

  • Define Distribution Channel

  • Maintain Sales Office

  • Maintain Sales Group

Assignment Sales & Distribution

  • Assign Sales Organization to Company Code

  • Assign Distribution Channel to Sales Organization

  • Assign Division to Sales Organization

  • Setup Sales Area

  • Assign Sales Office to Sales Area

  • Assign Sales Office to Sales Group

  • Assign Sales Organization and Distribution Channel to Plant

4. Material Management

Maintain Storage Locations in Plant and Purchase Organization in real time project this activity done by MM Consultants.

  • Maintain Storage Locations

  • Maintain Purchase Organization

  • Assign Purchase Organization to Company Code

  • Assign Purchase Organization to Plant

5. Logistics Execution

  • Define ERP Warehouse

  • Define Shipping Point

  • Assign Shipping Point

6. Configure EWM Specific Parameters

7. Define EWM Warehouse Number

  • Define EWM Warehouse Number

  • Assign Warehouse Number to Logistics Execution

Step 1: Click on New Entry

Step 2: Enter ERP Warehouse Number-950

Step 3: Enter EWM Warehouse Number-9566

Step 4: Click on Save

Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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