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ERP-EWM Integration

ERP-EWM Integration

The Purpose of this blog to understand about ERP-EWM integration

  • System landscape

  • Organization Structure

  • Business Process Integration

1. System landscape Integration

System level integration is required in general for the communication between two SAP systems.

ERP Settings

1. Define Logical System

2. Assign Logical System

3. Setup RFC Destination

EWM Settings

1. Define Logical System

2. Define RFC destination

3. Define Business System

A business system will define for the EWM (own business system) and for each ERP system that is connected to EWM system. The SAP EWM system stores the business system in the document flow tables of the cross-system and cross partner document flow and helps to determine to which ERP system a document belongs.

Business System is mapped to their corresponding logical systems, because the delivery documents sent from SAP ERP to SAP EWM system contain only the logical system number of the SAP ERP system. The mapping helps to determine the business system based on logical system so that warehouse request document in EWM can be updated with the corresponding business system.

4. Define Business System

4. Maintain Business System Group

5. Assign Logical System and Queue Type

2. Organizational Structure Integration

These setting establish the connection between organizational structure (plant, storage location, warehouse) of ERP and EWM system.

ERP Settings

1. Define Warehouse Number

2. Assign Warehouse Number to Plant and Storage Location

3. Configure Warehouse Parameters

4. Assign a Plant to Business Partner (FLVN01-Vendor/Supplier Role)

5. Linkage ERP Warehouse to EWM Warehouse

6. Linkage ERP Warehouse to EWM Warehouse

EWM Settings

1. Define EWM Warehouse Number

2. Define Warehouse Control Parameter

3. Configure Availability Group

  • Define Availability Group

  • Define Non Location Dependent Stock Type

  • Configure Stock Type

4. Linkage ERP Warehouse to EWM

5. MAP Storage location from ERP System to EWM assign Availability Group, Assign Party Entitled To Dispose

3. Business Process Integration

These settings established connections between the elements of business process

  • Inbound

  • Outbound

  • Production

of ERP and EWM system

Business process integration achieved via delivery documents.

ERP Settings

1. Generate Distribution Model

2. Assign ERP Delivery to EWM Document (Inbound Delivery)

3. Assign ERP Delivery to EWM Document (Outbound Delivery)

4. Assign ERP Delivery to EWM Document (Outbound Delivery)

EWM Settings

1. Assign EWM Document to ERP delivery

2. Assign EWM Delivery Item Type

3. Assign EWM Document to ERP Order Manufacturing

4. Assign EWM Item type to ERP Order Manufacturing

Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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