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Concept of Aisle, Level and Stack in SAP EWM

Concept of Aisle, level and Stack in SAP EWM

In this blog we will discuss about concept of Aisle, Level and Stack in SAP EWM.

In SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) the concept of Aisle, Level and Stack are used to organize and manage physical layout of the warehouse. These terms are commonly used in conjunction with storage bins to define the precise location of the goods within the warehouse. Here is an explanation of each;


An aisle refers to space between rows of storage racks or shelves in the warehouse. It provides access for personnel, equipment, and materials to move throughout the warehouse. Aisles are typically identified by letters or numbers, such as Aisle A, Aisle 1 etc., and are used as reference points for navigation and location identification with in the warehouse.


A level refers to a horizontal plane within the storage rack or shelf where goods are stored. In a multi-level storage system, each level represents a different height or elevation within rack structure. Levels are numbered sequentially, starting from the ground level (Level 1) and moving upward. Each level can contain one or more storage bins or locations for storing goods.  


A stack refers to a vertical column of storage bins or locations within a storage rack or shelf. It represents the vertical dimension of the storage structure and defines the arrangement of goods within the rack. Stacks are numbered sequentially starting from the leftmost or rightmost side of the rack, depending on the warehouse layout. Each stack contains one or more storage bins arranged in a vertical column.  

In SAP EWM, the combination of aisle, level, and stack provides a precise address or coordinate system for identifying the location of goods within the warehouse. This information is essential for inventory management, picking and put-away operations, and navigating the warehouse efficiently.

For example, a storage bin SAP EWM may be identified by its aisle, level, and stack coordinates, such as Aisle A, Level 2, Stack 3. This indicates that the storage bin is located in Aisle A, at the second level of the storage rack, within the rack the third stack from the left or right side.

By using the concepts of aisle, level, and stack, warehouse operators can accurately locate, retrieve, and manage goods within the warehouse, optimizing space utilization and improving operational efficiency.



Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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