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SAP As Carrier

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

SAP As Carrier

Today is word is trending towards digitalization. Business are adapting ERP solutions for their growth in this most challenging and competitive environment. Many IT and Software companies are providing ERP solutions around the world. SAP is on top providing ERP solutions to all kinds of industries.

SAP (System Application Products in Data Processing) is German based software company is a widely used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software SAP creates a centralized system of businesses that enables every department to access and share common data to create a better work environment for every employee in the company.

SAP is definitely a good option for long lasting and fulfilling carrier. SAP provides two kinds of opportunities in your carrier;

1) SAP Technical Modules

IT degree holders can choose ABAP (Technical Module) is best for them.

2) SAP Functional Modules

SAP Functional Finance and Controlling, Material Management, Production Planning, Quality Management, Plant & Maintenance, Sales & Distribution, Supply Chain Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Event Management, Customer Relation Management are some important can be choose as per your domain experience in which you are working and in which domain you are interested to start your carrier.

Who can adapt SAP as carrier?

As per the personnel experience most of the people always doubtful to select their carrier in whole of their life, In general trend when we choose our carrier there is many challenges with us after completion of our school collage.

  • 90 % of the person not get proper carrier guidance some motivate from their friends and family guidance few of them able to get start their dream job.

  • When we gets some we start it treat is as normal 6 to 9 hrs job that’s it continue the life. Today the world’s changing is going on fast that’s impact on every part of life in which field you are working if you see tremendous change between last 10 years in each and every field.

  • Due to this in each profession you need technical skills to get promotions in present job or either to get good opportunities.

  • SAP is the technology which you can adapt for learning and can make your profile attractive to get promotions and job opportunities in future.

  • Answer of above question is everyone who wish to upgrade his skills wish to give a professional look to his profile are welcome to start their SAP journey.

Some Real fact

  • SAP learning is a continuous learning process it is not a magic stick if you have SAP certifications and SAP training certificate you will get job opportunity immediately.

  • Main thing is that what is your understanding about SAP how is business process going on

  • What you have learn from the training how you are practicing in your system which you get from trainer.

  • As per study of SAP professionals if 100 people is thinking to explore the SAP as carrier only 1 or 2 person get success to start their carrier.

The reason behind is that for example a training institute launch a training session generally a training sessions runs about 2 or 3 month.

  • Got registration 100 something

  • Attend Sessions first 50

  • Get Registration 10

  • Attend Regular session 4 to 5

  • Only 1 or 2 person makes practice and compete the assignments and submit to trainer

  • This is the reason behind low success

Tips for who really wish to start SAP as Carrier?

  • Maintain the motivation which you have show at the time of registration for webinar for any training.

  • Not be doubt full you will get success or failure if do something with a commitment you will get it continue makes efforts.

  • We always ready to invests on the gadgets some part of your earnings invest on yourself to improve your skills.

  • If you enrolled for training continue with full attentions makes your notes your presentations.

  • If you are working in a organization show your managers and superiors what you have learn and how this will help full to organization. Your presentation skills will helpful to get promotion and as well as good opportunity in your carrier.

  • This cannot happen in a single day need your investment of time to practice on system.

  • Regularly add skills in your resume

  • Register on SAP to get updates related to SAP

  • Read and write blogs

  • These all activities will help you for your carrier growth.

What is right age group?

  • This is the hot topic what is the right time, right time as you get motivate

  • As per the experience maximum chance of success the person age group 26 to 35 their mind is adaptive and sharp to understand the things better and get benefit to enhance their carrier growth.

  • 40 Plus age group is also can adapt need to more efforts chance of growth is good.

  • 50 and 50 Plus need more efforts and challenges also their but nothing impossible.

Area of focusing

  • Enhance SAP knowledge to understand multiple functionality in SAP

  • Explore about different functionalities and interface with latest technology likes Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Internet of Thing (IoT). This skills helpful to grow your carrier in present company or if you want to switch another company, Most of the company are using SAP or going to SAP

  • SAP consultant carrier

  • Set your target of learning today

  • You are the only one who can achieve your goal

Rajesh Sharma

SAP Certified Functional Consultant


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