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Batch Management in SAP

Batch Management & Batch Determination in SAP  

In this blog will discuss about batch management and batch determination

Batch Management

Batch management feature in SAP is feature that allows you to manage and trace batches of materials or products. It is particularly useful in industries where tracking and controlling batches are critical, like pharmaceuticals or food production.

With SAP’s batch management, you can assign a unique batch number to a group of materials that share common characteristics, such as production date or supplier. This helps in tracking and tracing materials throughout the entire supply chain.

To setup batch management in SAP following steps need to be follow up.

1.     Activate Batch Management

In SAP you need to activate batch management at the plant level for the relevant material types.  

2.     Define Batch Characteristics

Specify the characteristics that define a batch, such as production date, expiration date or supplier.

3.     Assign Batch Class to Material Master

Link the batch characteristics to material master record by assigning a batch class.

4.     Maintain Batch Master data

Create an d maintain batch master records for each batch. This includes information like batch number, quantity and characteristics values.

5.     Goods Movements with Batch Information

When you perform goods movements (receipts, issues, transfers), you will include the batch information.

6.     Batch Where Used List

You can view where a particular batch has been used in SAP using the batch where-used list.

7.     Batch Information in Documents:

Batch information is integrated into various SAP Documents like purchase orders, production orders and sales order.


Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant


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