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Availability Group Concept in EWM

Availability Group Concept in EWM


In this blog we are going to discuss about Availability Group concept in Extended Warehouse Management.


In SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), an availability group represents a storage location and is assigned a combination of a plant and storage location. Availability groups define the relationship between stock types and storage types for a warehouse. For example, you can configure an availability group to store unrestricted stock in a rack and block stock in an open area. 

Availability Group

The availability group is an attribute of a stock type and represents a storage location linked to a warehouse.

For example, stock type F1 in warehouse W001 is assigned to availability group PL01/0001 and is used to manage unrestricted use stock in plant PL01 and storage location 0001.

You configure availability groups in Customizing for Extended Warehouse Management under Configure Availability Group for Put-away.

You assign availability groups to storage locations in Customizing for Extended Warehouse Management under Map Storage Locations from ERP System to EWM.

If the warehouse is linked to several storage locations, you can assign an availability group to the warehouse process type in Customizing for Extended Warehouse Management under Define Warehouse Process Type. The system uses this availability group in an inbound process to determine the stock type of the stock on the goods movement bin of the warehouse request. Without this setting, the system determines the stock type from the availability group linked to the storage location of the delivery item from Logistics Execution.

Stock types in EWM and Plant/Storage location in ERP are linked via availability groups.

First we need to define availability group for warehouse

link between Stock Types and Storage Types

We can assign an availability group to the storage type and based on that whenever a Warehouse Task (WT) is confirmed for the Storage Type stock type will change.

If the mandatory option is checked, its means whenever stock is moved from other availability groups, the stock transfer will happen automatically in back ground

1.     Storage Type: 0010 (High Rack Storage Type)

2.     Storage Type: 0010 (High Rack Storage Type)


An owner is a business partner that represents the party of the organization that owns the stock.

It is useful during the consignment process, when order from an external vendor, then goods will remain the property of the external vendor, and later on, we can do the posting change to move stock from vendor to own valued stock.

Party Entitled to Dispose in EWM

Party entitled to dispose is a business partner that represents the party that is entitled to dispose of the warehouse stock. Usually, it is business partner of the plant in which the stock is placed.

During delivery processing, party entitled to dispose comes from the ERP plant which is assign to the delivery number.

If warehouse assigned to multiple plants, stock can be differentiated based on party entitled to dispose and warehouse product master data can also be maintained separately for each plant.

Availability Group in Warehouse Process Type

Once availability groups are defined and non-location-dependent stock types assigned, we need to integrate availability groups in the warehouse process type.

In this Customizing activity, you make the settings for the warehouse process type. You assign various process types to your processes in the warehouse.

The warehouse process type provides the information required by SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) for put-away, stock removals, or internal stock transfers and stock postings.

1)     Warehouse Process Type for Put-away (1010)

2)     Warehouse Process Type for Stock removal (2010)

The configuration of Availability Groups within Warehouse Process Types in SAP EWM allows for precise control over stock usage during various warehouse activities. By properly defining and assigning these groups, you can ensure that the right stock is available for the right processes, enhancing warehouse efficiency and accuracy.


T-code: /N/SCWM/MON

Stock & Bin==>Stock Overview

Description of Stock Type Availability Group

Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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