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Advance Shipping Notification

Advance Shipping Notification

Advance Shipping Notification are key documents in the collaboration between suppliers and customers. A supplier uses an ASN to inform that he or she has sent the customer a delivery.

How ASN created in SAP?

  • To create ASN item, you choose the add ASN item function in the ASN items screen area.

  • In addition to the product and the quantity, enter, for each item. The number and item of the customer’s order document to which the ASN item refers.

  • The customer can link the ASN with the order document and the item.

Creating ASN Manually in SAP SNC


A supplier can manually create an Advance Shipping Notification in ASN processing in SAP Supply Network Collaboration (SAP SNC).

  • You cannot enter freight costs.

  • You can either include 3rd party order processing items only or normal purchase order items only in as ASN. A combination of both not possible.


  • You have authorization to creation of ASN.

  • In the case of scheduling agreement releases and purchase orders, confirmation control enables the creation of ASN.

  • The properties and status of the document and the document item enable the creation of ASN.

  • ASN based due quantity should be greater than zero. If the due quantity zero cannot create ASNs.


1) Call ASN Process

  • You can create ASN directly with reference to a certain purchasing document under create ASN.

  • You can also access ASN maintenance from order document screens, for example from due list for purchasing documents, the purchasing order details screen, the replenishment order details screen or release details screens. If you create ASN on any these screen, SAP SNC automatically proposes the ASN based due quantity of the schedule line as the ASN quantity.

WEB Screens for ASN

The WEB application menu of Supply Network Collaboration (SAP SNC) has various role specific views with WEB screens for customers, suppliers, and goods recipients. These screens can be used for displaying advance shipping notifications.

You can only display ASNs in the goods recipient view.

ASN Overview

The overview contains the list of the ASNs that you have selected according to specific criteria.

  • As supplier you can create an ASN by copying an existing ASN

  • As customer you can post a complete goods receipt for an ASN or set of an ASN to Closed.

  • You can navigate from the ASN overview to the ASN details.

In the standard system, the overview can display a maximum of 100 ASNs. If there are more than 100 ASNs for the selection criteria in the system, the overview displays a message. You can set the user-specific maximum number in the User Maintenance (SU01) transaction using the SET/GET parameter /SCA/DM_DLV_MAXROW.

ASN Details

  • This displays the detailed data for an ASN. You can execute the following

  • As a supplier, you can switch to the change mode for a modifiable ASN and continue processing the ASN.

  • Add, change or delete ASN

  • Call packing function

  • As a customer and a supplier, you can create notes for ASN at header and item level.

Create ASN

The view is only available for suppliers. In this view you have to manually enter a reference document for which you create the ASN. In the due lists, SAP SNC adopts the purchasing document automatically in ASN.

ASN History

The ASN history is available for customers and suppliers. In the ASN history, you can display old versions of an ASN. You can follow goods receipts. The transfer type field

  • Manually in SAP SNC (X)

  • Via transfer of the ASN to SAP SNC (X)

Due lists

The due lists are available for customers and suppliers. The due lists provide overview of the demands for which the supplier has not yet initiated a delivery or not yet published an ASN.

  • A due lists for planned receipts that relevant to the SMI scenario

  • A due list for purchasing documents that contains purchase orders, replenishment orders, and scheduling agreement releases with due schedule lines.

  • As a supplier you can create an ASN specifically for a planned receipt or a purchasing document with due schedule.

Receipts/ Requirements list

  • The receipt/ requirements list is available for customers, suppliers, and goods recipients. It displays a list of receipts (ASNs and supplier confirmations) and requirements (purchase orders, replenishment orders, and scheduling agreement releases).

Visible ASNs

  • The ASNs that a user can see on the ASN processing Web UI in the standard system depends upon the set selection mode.

  • You can call the Web screens for ASNs in Web application menu under

Delivery> Advanced Shipping Notifications

  • You can find due lists and the receipts/ requirements list under

Delivery> Receipts/ Requirements

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