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5. Use of Backflush and Auto Goods Receipt Functionality with Example

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Backflushing provides the option to perform Goods Issuance of raw as well as semi-finished materials automatically, as soon as the person overseeing production records confirms that the finished product has been produced. And the Automatic Goods Receipt function in SAP enables the production supervisor to perform Goods Receipt automatically of finished goods on recording Confirmation of production order. In this blog we will discuss how to configure these functionality in SAP and in the end we will run one cycle to see the results. Refer following image to understand the Backflush and Auto Goods Receipt Functionality in SAP.


We can maintain Back-flush indicator in 3 ways-

  • Material Master Data - MRP2

    • Always Back-flush

    • Work center decides whether to back flush

  • Routing - Allocation

  • Work Center

Let us understand different options with different material scenarios-

Scenario 1-

Suppose there is some packaging kind of material getting used in production. Business wants this material to be issued automatically all the time production order is confirmed then we activate the back-flush indicator at material master level of that material @MRP2 view.

Please refer below image; We need to select Backflush indicator 1 so that it will be always back flushed.

Scenario 2-

We have a option of producing a particular material at 2 different work centers. First work center is old set-up and new work center is comparatively advanced production line with most of the production is getting done by automation. Now business requirement states that whenever material is produced at new set-up, all raw materials should get issued automatically whereas as in the other hand whenever material is produced at old set-up, all raw materials should be issued manually by the users. In this situation we can set indicator 2 material master for backflush and activate backflush checkbox in work center master as follows;

Scenario 3-

Now lets say there are multiple routings for a particular finished good. Business expects whenever they use the first routing option in their production order then only system should performm automatic goods issue of raw material. In this case we assign backflush indicator to routing as shown in below image;

Auto Goods Receipt

We can maintain Auto Goods Receipt indicator in 2 ways-

  • Production Schedule Profile -> Material Master (Work Scheduling)

  • Routing Control Key -> Routing

  1. Production Schedule Profile-

Use transaction OPKP and configure the production schedule profile. The Production Scheduling Profile is used to specify which business transactions can be carried out in production order such as release of production order at the time of order creation, automatic goods receipt, print execution or scheduling of order at the time of order release. Activate the 'Automatic Goods Receipt' in production scheduling profile. This production Schedule Profile once assigned in material master data under Work Scheduling view, all the production order created for this finished material will be eligible for Auto GR.

2. Routing Control Key-

There might be situation as we discussed before, this finished material is being produced at 2 different machines. Now business expectation is whenever we produce material on new machine GR should be done automatically and no auto GR for older machine. In this situation instead of going for Production Schedule Profile, we can use Routing Control Key.

In this method we need to mark 'Automatic GR' check box in Routing Control Key. Then assign this control key to routing of new machine.

Order Confirmation parameters

There might be another situation according to Order Type. We can define Backflush and Auto Goods Receipt at order level itself. This has the highest priority. In this way all the production orders created under this order type will have Backflush and Auto Goods Receipt with transaction OPK4.

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