2. Baseline configuration for Plant in Production Planning (PP)

Updated: Feb 27

Let's carry on with the remaining baseline configuration and then we will set up the master data, which will be required to run the end to end process production planning;

Setting up plant/Plant Configuration

Define Person responsible for WorkCentre - Person or group of people responsible for maintaining the master data in certain work centers. These employees are not responsible for planning tasks but only for the maintenance of the work center parameters.

OPPQ- Plant Parameters

Check Rules - Backorders

MRP Controller - We will create MRP controller each for Raw, Semi-finished and Finished Materials.


BOM Explosion - S/4 HANA Functionality

Start in Past

Available stock

MRP Group - MRP Group can be assigned to materials for which you want to override the plant parameters. You can make the MRP group default at Material type also.

OPJH – Order Types - Order type controls the parameters like; Number range for the orders, Which criteria is used when selecting routing, How the order is costed.

OPL8- Order Type Dependent Parameters - Copy all existing order types of 1710 plant to your plant. Dependent parameters are as follows;

  1. Production version should be manual or automatic

  2. Routing selection ID

  3. BOM Application

  4. Batch Determination - selection procedure

  5. Cost Accounting - Costing variants for planned and actual costing

OPJK- Order Control during Release - Copy all from 1710 plant. This configuration will decide when system should consider availability check of raw materials; 1. During Creation or 2. During Release.

OPK4-Order Type Confirmation Parameters - We will configure following things;

  1. How system should behave when operation sequence is not followed

  2. Under-delivery

  3. Over-delivery

  4. Dates in Future

  5. Which confirmation system should propose - Partial or final or auto-final

  6. Error handling/logs for actual cost and goods movement

  7. Individual entries of operation

OPU3- Scheduling Parameters for Production order - Copy all from 1710 plant. This configuration determines following things for order type against plant & production supervisor combination.

  • Default scheduling type; e.g. Backward, Current Date etc.

OPKP- Production Scheduling Profile - This enables the system to perform specified automatic actions while creation and release of production order like; auto GR, auto release of order upon creation, document updating and capacity & material availability check etc. Create your own for MTS by copying 1710.

  1. It defines when system should create auto batch at order creation or order release or it should not allow auto batch creation.

  2. Whether auto goods movement enabled.

  3. Overall profile for capacity planning.

OPJ9- Define Production Supervisor - New entry creation. Create 2 production supervisor with different production profile- one with TJ0001 auto-release and second one with TJ0002 no auto-release.

OPK5- Reason for variance - Copy from 1710 plant.

OPK9- Assign Valuation Variant to Valuation Area - OY1, OY2 OY6 & OY7

PP-CO Integration- Product Costing -

  1. Define settlement (YBMFP1) - Settlement profile is assigned to order type.

2. Allocation structure (YP) - Source - Other CP area (ASK1) - cost element group (YB_ALL) - Settlement cost - (PSG, CTR & ORD)

3. Source structure (YQ)

This was basic configuration required from SAP PP point of view. We will discuss Master data maintenance in upcoming blog. Stay connected! :)

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