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From Aspiring Professional to SAP Consultant: Unleashing Shanmukh's Journey of Success

Updated: Jun 21


Hello everyone! Today, I am pleased to interview Shanmukh, who recently started his journey as an SAP PP consultant. Let's dive into his inspiring story of transitioning from an end user to a successful consultant.

Background and Career Path:

Shanmukh completed his Master's in Mechatronics in 2019 and secured his first job as a production engineer through college placement. After gaining one and a half years of experience in production engineering, he moved on to work in a power plant for over a year. During this time, he got introduced to SAP and worked as an SAP PM end user. In June of the previous year, Shanmukh joined our training program to enhance his SAP PP production planning skills. He also enrolled in our internship program, which further strengthened his knowledge. Recently, he went through multiple interviews, and one of them landed him his dream job as an SAP PP consultant at Inologic Technologies, where he is currently working on an implementation project.

Choosing the Right Module:

When asked about how he decided on the SAP PP module, Shanmukh explained that his experience as a production engineer and his exposure to plant production and plant maintenance made him gravitate towards production planning. Being a mechanical engineer, he was naturally drawn to the production aspects of the industry, which influenced his decision. He emphasized the importance of following one's interests when selecting a module and suggested that individuals thoroughly research and analyze their preferred module before making a decision.

The Interview Process and Preparation:

During Shanmukh's interviews, he was questioned about the end-to-end production process and basic module configurations like availability checks and backflush indicators. He noted that the interviewers focused on the topics he had mentioned in his resume, which matched the ones covered in his training. Shanmukh advised aspiring SAP consultants to review the topics they have listed in their resumes, as interviewers often refer to them. He credited his success in interviews to his thorough preparation, including revisiting mind maps, which helped him consolidate his knowledge before each interview.

To watch the complete success story click the thumbnail :

The Role of Internship Program:

Shanmukh acknowledged the significant impact of our internship program on his confidence and subsequent success in interviews. The program exposed him to the step-by-step processes followed by consultants and provided valuable guidance from experts. It was through the internship that Shanmukh gained a deeper understanding of functional specifications, which became a crucial talking point in his interviews. He expressed gratitude for the hands-on practice and support he received, which allowed him to build confidence, tackle system errors, and effectively utilize available resources like Google.

Advice for Aspiring SAP Consultants:

Shanmukh emphasized the importance of choosing a module based on interest, conducting thorough research, and making a firm decision. He highlighted the need for hands-on practice, stressing that theoretical knowledge alone is not sufficient. Following a step-by-step process and utilizing available resources, such as training programs and online materials, can greatly enhance one's chances of success. Shanmukh concluded by encouraging individuals to believe in themselves, practice scenarios in the system, and approach interviews with confidence based on the experience gained.


Shanmukh's journey from being an end user to an SAP PP consultant is an inspiring example for aspiring consultants. By recognizing his interests, leveraging hands-on experience, and diligently preparing for interviews, Shanmukh successfully transitioned into his dream role. His story highlights the importance of choosing the right module, continuous learning, and embracing opportunities like internships to gain practical knowledge. With the right mindset, dedication, and support.

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