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SAP S/4HANA ERP Warehouse Management

SAP S/4HANA ERP Warehouse Management

Enterprise Structure for S/4HANA ERP Warehouse Management

ERP Warehouse Management Configuration

1. Delivery Split by Warehouse number

Warehouse Master Data

1. Define Warehouse Number Control

2. Define Number Range

3. Define Storage Type

4. Define Storage Section

5. Define Bin Type


1. Define Storage Type Search

2. Define Storage Section Search

3. Define Storage Bin Search

4. Define Sort Sequence for Put away

5. Define Storage type Control for Stock Removal

6. Define Storage type Control for Put away


1. Transfers

  • Define Requirements

  • Define Shipments

  • define Movement types

2. Confirm Transfer Order

Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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§ Twitter: RajeshS98151512/ RAJESH SHARMA@RAJESHS21287609

§ SAP Blogs: https://www.sastrageek.com/blog

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