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SAP EWM Warehouse Structure Elements

SAP EWM Warehouse Structure Elements

In this blog we are going to discuss about the different structure elements that are required in SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Types of Structure Elements

The Warehouse consists of the following elements in the hierarchical structure

  • Warehouse Number

  • Storage Type

  • Storage Section

  • Storage Bin

  • Activity Area

The warehouse number is a highest organizational unit and storage bin is smallest organizational unit in a Warehouse.

1) Warehouse Number

Each warehouse consists of warehouse number which is at highest level in a warehouse management system. It is represented by 4 digit alpha numeric key. Each warehouse number consists of a sub structure that maps the warehouse number relationship.

2) Define Warehouse Number Control

3) Define Number Range

4) Storage Type

There are different types of storage where products are physically stored in a warehouse such as;

  • Goods Receipt

  • Goods Issue

  • Open Storage

  • Bulk Storage

  • Rack Storage

A Storage type is represents by four character name and shows a physical or logical subdivision of a warehouse. A storage type can consists of one or more storage sections and bins. A storage type is defined by the role it is used for in a warehouse.

A storage type can be used for following roles

  • Door: Door of warehouse

  • Standard Storage Type: Physical Area where product are stored in a warehouse

  • Identification Point: An area where products are labeled identified or cross checked during a goods receipt process.

  • Pick Point: Goods are packed when a goods picking process start.

  • Work Center: This represents an area in the warehouse where deconsolidation, quality inspection or VAS processing is done.

5) Storage Section

This is the part of storage type and represents a group of bins with the same characteristics. The commonly used storage sections are

  • 0001- Total Section

  • FMXX- Slow Moving Section

  • SMXX- Total Section

6) Storage Bins

Storage bin is a smallest organizational unit in a warehouse with inform about the exact location of the product in a warehouse.

6.1 Define Storage Bin Type

6.2 Bin Access Type

6.3 Define Storage Bin Identifier

7) Define Activity

8) Define Activity Area

9) Assign Storage Bin Activity Area

Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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