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SAP Ariba Solution

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Introduction to SAP Ariba


What is SAP Ariba?

Ariba is a Spend Management Solution used to drive savings, negotiable better agreements, have better control and visibility over the spend.

SAP Ariba an innovative cloud solution which facilitate supplier and buyers to get connected on single platform to do business. SAP Ariba having the capabilities so a organization is able to improve their vendor management system effectively. Organizations can reduce their procurement cost and can make simple their business. SAP Ariba acts as supply chain, procurement service to do business globally. SAP Ariba helps you digitally transform your supply chain, procurement and contract management process.

At present business environment, it is necessary to control your supply chain and collaborate with suppliers in efficient manner. Efficient supply chain can help organizations to grow their own business.

The first cloud base innovation was introduced by Ariba in 1996, and was later acquired by SAP in 2012. At the onset Ariba was a B2B company to do procurement over internet and was the first one to introduce IPO in 1999.

SAP Ariba Features

Features of SAP Ariba are as follows:

• SAP Ariba is a B2B solution that allows you to connect the world’s largest network of vendors and suppliers and enhance business collaboration with right business partners.

• SAP Ariba allows organizations to connect with right suppliers with deep visibility to your inside vendor and procurement management processes giving way to error free business transactions.

• With SAP Ariba, you can directly connect Ariba network with millions of suppliers meeting your business needs and managing supply chain.

• SAP Ariba network removes overall complexity in procurement processes and suppliers and buyers can manage all key terms of vendor management on one network.

• With acquisition of SAP, Ariba can easily integrate with SAP ERP Solutions like SAP ECC and S/4 HANA with easy to configure workflows to automate different processes in complete procurement cycle.

• Master data and transactional data can easily integrate from different ERP solution to Ariba processes.

Internal Analysis SWOT – Ariba


· Rich sourcing and contract lifecycle functionalities, functionality coverage OOTB (Out Of The Box)

· Demand determination and & Sourcing: 97.05 %

· Contract creation: 96%

· Contract Management & Deployment: 89%

· OOTB reporting functionalities: 99%

· Catalog Management: 90%

· Sourcing and contracts module are well integrated

· Capable to integrate with ERP (SAP, JD, Edwards, Passport etc.)

SAP Ariba Network

Features of SAP Ariba Network

· Ariba Procurement On-Demand

· On Demand requisition to price solution.

· Ariba Collaborative finance

· Network efficiency for finance.

· Ariba Collaborative Commerce

· Extending network efficiency to at B2B trading partner

· Ariba Spend viability

· Data enrichment and Spend visibility in the cloud.

· Ariba Collaborative Sourcing

· Sourcing & Contracts in to Cloud

SAP Ariba Network Key Characteristics

· Ariba has one is net work and one is solution.

· Ariba is the largest Business to Business commerce network.

· In Ariba we can connect collaborate and can do business.

· Open to Any ERP

· Open to any connection technology.

· 1 million plus global trading companies.

· Over trillion dollars transactions annually.

· 100 countries and 172 currencies 60 languages.

Standard SAP Ariba Procurement Process

· Request

· Approval of Request

· Purchase Order Process

· Order Monitoring

· Receiving of Goods

· 3 ways Invoice Verification

· Payment processing

SAP Ariba Contract Management

· Contract

· Request for Contract

· Quality assessment of product

· Registration process

· Discovery

· Plan

· Analysis

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