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SAP ARIBA Dashboard

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

SAP ARIBA Dashboard

Overview Dashboard

The first place when you log-on SAP Ariba displaying the dashboard. Variety of data displays on a single screen provides an entry point for all your work. Dashboard contains tiles and widgets which can manage for required functionality. Optimize reports for the display on dashboard. Template Management and configuration within an integrated vs. non-integrated environment

Supplier Dashboard

On Suppler Dashboard by default its displays data of all customers. Pull down menu at the top of dashboard to change the customer set for which dashboard data is displayed. Display data for all customers or for a any specific customers you can choose.

Configure my customers list to use dashboard data effectively.


The Dashboard displays many permissions based tiles by using them you can work on Ariba Network portal, example New Purchase Orders, and Orders Invoice. Each tile contains the documents which display, the total value of those documents, and the date range applied to the tile, for example last 30 days.

Only three tiles displayed by default

Tiles Includes:

· Enablement task

· Collaboration Requests

· New Leads

· New Orders

· Orders to Confirm

· Orders to ship

· Orders to Invoice

· Orders to attentions

· All orders

· Invoice pending for Approvals

· Invoice rejected

· Invoice pending for payment

· All invoices


The widgets area of dashboard displays

· Orders

· Invoice Aging

· Company Profile

· My leads widgets as per your permission

Orders Widgets

The Order Widgets displays the total values of purchase orders received every day with in a specific date range.

For example view data

· Last 7 days

· Last 15 days

· Last 30 days

· Last 3 Months

Invoice Aging Widgets

The Invoice Aging widget displays the total value of your invoices each day of three date ranges.

· Last 30 days

· 31 to 60 days

· 61 to 90 days

Different color indicates the status of the each invoice includes

· Sent

· Rejected

· Approved

Company Profile Widgets

The Company Profile widgets display your profile completeness and the Complete Profile link. Complete your company profile to increase your chances of being discovers by new buyers.

My Lead Widgets

The My Lead Widgets displays a list of up to three open, matched leads from SAP Ariba Discovery ordered by creation date with the most recent at the top. Each lead displays its title, value, match confidence, and the response deadline. Tap view all to view additional leads.

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