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Methods of Storage Bin Creation in EWM

What is Storage Bin?

A Storage type consists of a selection of storage spaces, which are called storage bins in Extended Warehouse Management. The storage bin is the smallest spatial unit in a warehouse. The storage bin represents the exact position in the warehouse where products are and or can be stored.

  • You can assign geographical coordinate to storage bin location

  • The name of storage bins can be updated based on physical location address

  • Before creating storage bins we need to maintain the warehouse control parameter for warehouse number such as

  1. Weight Unit

  2. Volume Unit

  3. Time Unit

  4. Length Unit

Methods of Storage Bin Creation

In Extended Warehouse Management storage bins can be created by 3 methods

1. Manual Creation

2. Mass Creation

3. Load Storage Bins

1. Manual Storage Bin Creation

2. Mass Creation of Storage Bin

Required following setting for mass creation of storage bin

2.1 Define Bin Indicator

2.2 Define Bin Structure

Mass Creation of Storage Bin

Step 1: Select Line Item click on View Button (Lens Icon)

Step 2: Click On Display Simulation

Step 3: Click on Create+ Save

3. Load Storage Bin

Download Bin Template

Step 2: Select Spread sheet enter details and click on continue button Export to

Step 3: Click on Allow

Step 4: Click on Allow

Step 6: Maintain data in template and save as .csv file

Upload Bin .csv file

Step 1: Click on Folder

Step 2: Select File and click on open

Step 3: Click on Upload

Step 4: Click on Allow

Step 5: Click on Create Button

Bin Created Successfully

Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

§ Linked in profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajesh-sharma-204910278/

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