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Introduction to Extended Warehouse Management

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

1. SAP EWM is a part of SAP AG’s Supply Chain Management Suite of Solution

2. The Extended Warehouse Management is an integrated software platform for

flexible, automated support for processing goods movements and for managing inventory in the warehouse.

3. SAP EWM is similar to Warehouse Management

4. EWM is more flexible in building objects, like warehouse structure, picking, put-away, handling unit management, Radio Frequency and more,

6. Activity area, work centers, resources, are the elements incorporated in EWM

SAP EWM Features

Best in Class Warehouse Management

  • Applicable to all industries

  • Distribution Centers and Production House

  • Simple, Complex and high volume warehouse operations

Warehouse Processes

  • Inbound Processing

  • Storage and Operations

  • Outbound Processing

Inbound Processing Highlights

- Advanced Shipping Notification (Automatic/ Manual Creation)

- Automatic ruled based process guidance

- Comprehensive Quality Management and returns management

- Leading-edge warehouse technology (PLCs (pallet/ case, conveyors, Radio Frequency, RFID)

- Integrated dangerous goods compliance (bonded warehouse DG handling)

Storage Planning and Process Highlights

- Complete labor management solution ( planning, execution, monitoring, HCM integration)

- Comprehensive slotting rules (condition technique), inclusive rearrangement

- Broad set of replenishment strategy

- Value Added Service ( Kit-to-stock, kit-to-order, repacking, labeling)

Outbound Processing Highlights

- Wave, labor and cartonization optimization

- Full native technology (mobile radio frequency, Pick by Voice, RFID)

- Material Flow System (MFS) for direct PLC and conveyor system communication

- Transportation Process Integration

- Comprehensive warehouse performance analytics and operation monitoring

SAP EWM Solution Highlights

·- Powerful warehouse analytics and monitoring

- Advanced warehouse optimization

- High performance warehouse execution

- Built-in Material Flow System technology

- Deep integration with SAP Business Suite

- Comprehensive mobile offering for warehousing

- Industry-specific process support

- Implementation tools for lower TCI/TCO

(Rapid Deployment Solutions and Migration Tools)

Comprehensive Warehouse Monitor

- Supply Chain Manager

- Warehouse Supervisor

Warehouse Performance Analytics

- Cross Distribution center Dashboard

- Labor Management Dashboard

- Key Performance Indicators Monitoring

- Service Levels Analysis

- Warehouse Capacity usage overview

Labor Management

- Real time Operational Planning

- Quick Intuitive Setup

- Great User Experience

Production Integration/ Production Supply

- Seamless deep integration with ERP Production Planning and execution process

- Modeling of production physical locations in EWM for efficient replenishment and accurate

production stock visibility

Direct Transport Management

- End to end integration of transport planning

- Warehouse execution and freight settlement

- Direct interface between SAP TM and EWM

Configuration Guide & Process Descriptions

- SAP ERP and SAP EWM integration

- Sample warehouse structure

- Central master data

- Warehouse processes

Preconfigured, Best Practice Processes

- Inbound & outbound processes

- Periodic physical inventory & cycle counting

- Automatic replenishment

- Customer returns with quality inspection

- Scrapping based on expiration date

Warehouse Layout Overview

- Visual display of master data set-up

- Warehouse & yard overview

- Color-coded storage types

(High rack, bins, handling unit, conveyor...)

- Travel paths & distances

- Aerial warehouse & rack frontal views

(with zoom-in/out)

Drill-down Details

- Resource status / location

- Storage bin status (empty, blocked)

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