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Updated: Jan 17, 2023

HANA Architecture & Deployment

· S4 HANA Architecture, Deployment Strategy

· Need of Universal Journal, SAP FIORI

Organization Structure (Hands on)

· Company, Company Code, Business Area

· Profit Centers, Plant, Storage Location

· Sales Organization, Distribution Channel

· Division-Sales Area, Sales Office, Shipping Points

· Purchase Organization, Purchase Group

Master Records (Hands on)

· GL Masters, Cost Elements

· Business Partners, Customer Master

· Vendor Masters, Asset Master

· Material Type

· Material Group and Material Masters with all Views

Global Parameters

· Company and Company Code

· Business Area and Credit Control Area

· Fiscal Year Variant-Types of Fiscal Years

· Chart of Accounts-Type of COA

· Posting period Variant

· Open and Closing Posting Periods

· Document Types

· Field Status Variants & Groups

· Multiple Currencies

· Introduction to Multiple Ledgers

· Other Aspects of Global Parameter G/L & New

G/L Concepts

· Preparation and Finalization of COA in Real Time

· Account Groups

· Retained Earnings and importance of Retained Earnings

· Tolerance Groups for General ledger/Employees

· Screen Variants for G/L Postings

· Exchange Rate Maintenance

· G/L automatic Clearing Maintenance

· Foreign Currency Transactions

· Financial statement Version

· G/L integration with MM and SD

· Define and Activate New G/L

· Activation and specification of Additional Ledgers

· Define Currency for Additional Ledgers

· Define Segment

· Define Document Splitting for G/L accounting

· Activate Document Splitting

· Define Document type for Entry View

· Posting Keys – 40 and 50

· Documents in G/L-Park & Post, Hold, Recurring, Account Assignment Model etc.,

· G/L Reports

· Sample Documents & Reference Documents, Tax on Sale/Purchase (in AR module)

New General Ledger Accounting

· Classic GL, New GL Accounting, Extension Ledgers

· Concept of Leading & Non Leading Ledgers

· Concept of Universal Journal (ACDOCA)

· Parallel Accounting, Document Splitting

· Central Currency VS ECC settings, Easy Access Steps (Business Process)

· Ledgers Postings, Document Posting & Analysis

Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables and Banking

· Account Groups

· Document Types for Customers and Vendors

· Number Range assignment for Account groups

· Business Partner Creation

SAP Business Partners

o BP Roles

o BP Grouping

o Number ranges

Master Data Synchronization

· BP to Vendor integration

· Vendor to BP integration

· BP to Customer Integration

· Customer to BP integration

· Reconciliation Accounts for customer and vendor Master Data

· Terms of Payments

· Payment Methods

· Automatic Payment Program

· Dunning

· Down Payments, Bills of Exchange and Guarantees

· Tax Calculation Procedure

· Taxes-VAT and Withholding Taxes

· House Banks

· Manual & Automatic Payment Run

· Check and Transfer method of payments through Banks

· Check Register, Check Maintenance, Issuance, cancellation Etc.

· Customer and Vendor Reports

Asset Accounting

· Chart of Depreciation

· Define 0% tax Codes for Asset Accounting

· Asset Class and Account determination of Asset Classes

· Depreciation Areas (Derived Depreciation Areas)

· Screen Layout Rules and Number range Assignments

· Depreciation Areas for Parallel Currencies

· Group Assets

· Depreciation Keys

· Asset Master data (Main and Sub Assets)

· Overview of Revolution of Assets

Introduction to inflation Accounting

· Asset Acquisition (Direct and AUC)

· Asset retirement (Scrapping, with Revenue with Customer and without Customer)

· Inter and Intra Asset transfer

· Asset Reports/With Different variants and Asset explorer

New Asset Accounting

· Organization Structure, Valuation

· Integration with General Ledgers

· Technical Clearing Account Integration VS ECC

· Asset under Construction, Business Process


· General Controlling

· Cost Centre Accounting

· Internal Order Accounting.

CO-PA (Profitability Analysis)(No Hands on)

· Maintain Characteristics, Maintain Value Fields

· Maintain Data Structure, Maintain Operating Concern

· Maintain Valuation strategies, Maintain Costing Key Assignments

· Assign CCS to Value Fields, Maintain Variance PA transfer structure

· Maintain SD condition types mapping to COPA, Maintain SD Quantities to COPA

· Maintain Transfer Structure from FI and MM to COPA

· Actual Line Item Reports, Create Profitability Reports

Product Cost Planning (No Hands on)

· Costing Variant for standard cost estimation

· PP Settings required for Product Costing, BOM creation


· Balance Sheet and Profit Loss Account

· Chart of Accounts, Trail Balance, General Ledger

· User Manual, Vendor List, Vendor Wise Purchases

· AGE Wise Analysis of Vendors, Down Payment Report of Vendors

· Vendor Ledger, Due Date Forecast of Vendors, Customer List

· Customer Wise Sales, AGE Wise Analysis of Customers

· Department Wise and Machine Wise Assets Details –Gross Block

· Accumulated Depreciation and Net Block, Depreciation Forecast

· Depreciation Posting Period Wise, Schedule V Assets Report

· Assets Addition Report, Sale Report, Profit/Loss on Sale of Assets Report

· Assets Transfer Reports, COPA Report

Journey to SAP S/4HANA with the Activate Methodology (Concepts)

· Introducing SAP S/4HANA, outlining the Conversion Journey

Customizing Financials in SAP S/4HANA

· Configuring General Ledger Accounting

· Configuring new Asset Accounting

· Migrating to new Asset Accounting

· Customizing controlling for Account Based CO-PA

· Preparing for Migration Material Ledger

· Preparing for Migration of House Bank Accounts

· Preparing for Migration of Credit Management

Migration to SAP S/4HANA (Concepts)

· Migrating to the Universal Journal

· Finalizing Migration and Post Processing Business Partner

Organizational Structure and Master Data in Management Accounting (Concepts)

· Understanding the New Architecture of Management Accounting in SAP S/4HANA

· Managing the Organizational Structure

· Analyzing the Reporting Options

· Introducing SAP Fiori

· Understanding the new concept of cost elements in S/ 4HANA Finance

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