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Use of Flutter with SAP S/4HANA

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

What is Flutter?

  • Flutter is an open source framework developed and support by Google. Frontend and full-stack developers use Flutter to build an application’s user interface (UI) for multiple platforms with a single codebase.

  • Flutter launched in 2018. It mainly supported mobile app development.

  • Flutter is a framework that can be used for both Frontend and Backend. Flutter is easy to create beautiful, interactive user interface.

Use of Flutter with SAP S/4HANA EWM

  • Everyone aware about mobile capabilities of SAP Extended Warehouse Management, which can be accessed through ITS Mobile, Fiori Apps or 3rd party solutions,

  • Flutter mobile app development framework efficient to create warehouse applications.

Outbound Process in SAP S/4HANA EWM

The simple outbound process flow in order processing for an e-commerce business

Creation of Order==> Picking of Order==> Packing of Order==> Loading of Order for Supply

Using SAP S/4HANA, the system,

  • System Process the receiving order information and locates the storage location in which required product available for sales.

  • The items scanned and picked as per required quantity and stag in packaging area within the warehouse.

  • Required packaging materials selected as per size and weight of the items and performed packaging activities.

Solution Architecture

Flutter for SAP EWM

For Designing warehouse app using SAP EWM, need to create accurate and agile API communication, which involves using complex API packages and their business logic.

Handling Unit (HU): A physical packaging unit used for transportation of the delivery order consists of one or more items or products and includes additional information like volume, and weight.

Source Storage Bin: A location where items are stored within warehouse.

Destination Storage Bin: A location where warehouse worker need to stag items after picking from source bin.

Base Unit of Measure (BUoM): A standard unit of measurement used for picking and packing item quantities

Alternate Unit of Measure (AUoM): A secondary unit of measurement used for picking and packing item quantities

Main Process

Pick Item: The warehouse worker must pick the ordered items from the source storage and stag them in destination storage bin.

Menu Path: /Warehouse task (EWM Warehouse=’RJEW’/SAP_Self.ConfirmWarehouse Task

Create HU:

Path: handling Unit

Packed Items:

Path: handling Unit item

Handling unit reference document is a delivery id, and handling unit reference document item is an item id in the delivery. You can obtain each id from value of EWM delivery and EWM delivery item. In the relevant warehouse task

Handling unit item quantity in API is the number of packed item using AUoM.

Other needs to do

  • Designate employee to logon warehouse to perform warehouse tasks

  • Designate the worker to handle an warehouse order

  • Add EAN to task class field: to integrate EAN (Bar code) into warehouse order and task system.


  • The picking and packing process fast

  • The UI design makes it easy to understand tasks information

Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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