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Warehouse Door & Staging Area in EWM

Staging Area & Warehouse Door

Staging Area

  • Staging areas are storage sections that fall within a storage type with role D (Door). The staging area correspondences to storage section, while the staging area group corresponds to a storage type. Staging areas are used to provide interim storage for goods after unloading or before loading. During loading the, sequence of the bins in the staging area can be used as loading sequence.

  • In a staging area, you can perform only inbound or only outbound or both activities.

  • You can also select a loading rule

-The handling units should be sent to warehouse door immediately after arrival.

-All handling units must arrive before loading can begin.

-There needs to be wait 24 hours before loading begin.

Define Staging Area

Define Staging Area Group

Warehouse Door

  • You define warehouse doors for each warehouse. You can enter following attributes

  • The loading direction which activities are possible at this door; either only inbound or only outbound or both inbound or outbound.

  • The print profile is used for actions within message control using the Post Process Framework (PPF).

  • The system uses the standard staging area (and group) to find staging areas.

Define Door

Assign Staging Area Door Determination Group

Assign Staging Area to Warehouse Door

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