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SAP TM (Transportation Management) end to end process flow

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

SAP TM (Transportation Management) process flow snapshot-

Step by step process execution in system-

1) Create Sales order - VA01

2) Create delivery - VL01N

Delivery document will show new tab - ' TM Status'

3) Freight Unit-

TM status tab in delivery document will show freight units details.

Freight units will automatically created based on background configurations.

4) Freight Order-

Freight orders are created from 'Freight units-worklist' tile in Fiori Applications by choosing transportation cockpit.

and adding resources need to click on - 'Assign selected items'

Freight orders created and will be shown as below-

Freight order will show below tabs and tabs will show information about Carrier , Org. details, Document type, Means of transport , weight , stages, charges and many more.

Document flow till now-

5) Delivery Picking and PGI- VL02N

6) POD Confirmation- VLPOD

7) Customer invoice creation- VF01

Document flow in S4 System-

8) Freight settlement document creation-

Settlement document created by selecting - 'Freight orders worklist' tile in Fiori applications.

After selecting the the screen will show list of freight orders.

Go to freight order no. ==>> Freight order edit ==>>More==>>Charges/settlement==>> Create freight settlement document == >> Click on check , calculate charge and post.

Document flow -

9) Posting of freight settlement document-

For posting of freight settlement documents program needs to execute-


10) After posting of Freight settlement document , service PO and service entry sheet created by system.

11) Vendor Invoice Verification- MIRO

Document Flow-

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Swati Sargade
Swati Sargade
Dec 14, 2020

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