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Basic configuration in SAP TM (Transportation Management) to run end to end cycle

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

There are some additional configuration required to run TM (Transportation Management) end to end cycle from SD , LE, MM and TM side.

SD (Sales and distribution) configuration -

  1. Determination of pricing procedure for sales order.

LE (Logistics execution) configuration-

  1. Determination of shipping point and storage location.

MM (Materials management) configuration-

  1. Pricing procedure determination

  2. Creation of cost center

  3. Assign cost element to GL

TM (Transportation management) configuration-

  1. Integration between TM and SD to create freight unit

  2. Creation of charges profile

  3. Assignment of charge profile to Purchasing organization

  4. Create freight settlement document type

  5. Assign purchasing information for posting

  6. Assign default plant to company code

SD Configuration-

1) Determination of pricing procedure-

Path== >>SPRO== >> IMG== >> Sales and Distribution==>>Basic functions== >>Pricing== >> Pricing control== >> Define and assign pricing procedures== >>Set pricing procedure determination

T code- OVKK

New Entry== >> Maintain pricing procedure for combination - Sales Org/Dist. Channel/Division/Doc. Pricing procedure/Cust. Pricing procedure

LE Configuration-

1) Shipping point determination-

Path== >>SPRO== >> IMG== >>Logistics execution==>>Shipping==>>Basic shipping functions==>>Assign shipping points

T code- OVL2

2) Storage location determination-

Path== >>SPRO== >> IMG== >>Logistics execution==>>Shipping==>>Picking==>>Determine picking location==>>Assign picking locations

T code- OVL3

MM Configuration-

1) Pricing procedure determination for PO-

Define and assign schema groups-

Path== >> SPRO== >>IMG == >> Materials Management== >>Purchasing == >>Conditions == >>Define schema group== >> Define schema groups for purchasing organizations – New entry

Define schema determination-

Path== >> SPRO== >>IMG == >> Materials Management== >>Purchasing == >>Conditions == >>Define price determination process==>>Define schema determination==>>Determine calculation schema for standard purchase orders

2) Creation of cost center for company code-

Path== >> SAP Easy access==>>Accounting==>> controlling==>>cost center accounting==>> Master data==>>cost center==>>Individual processing==>>create

3) Assignment of cost element to GL (Default cost center assignment)-

T code- /NOKB9

TM Configuration-

1) Integration of SD and TM for creating freight units-

Path== >>SPRO== >> IMG== >> Integration with other SAP components==>>Transportation management==>>Logistics integration==>>Define transportation relevance for sales documents/Define transportation relevance for delivery documents.

Sales order level-

Delivery Level-

2) Create Charges profile for charge calculation-

Path== >>SPRO== >> IMG== >> Transportation management==>>Basic functions==>>Charge calculation==>>Basic settings==>>Define charges profile

3) Assign charges profile to purchasing organization-

Path== >>SPRO== >> IMG== >> Transportation management==>>Master data==>>Organizational management ==>>Organizational model==>>Change organizational model

4) Create freight settlement document type-

Path== >>SPRO== >> IMG== >> Transportation management==>>Settlement==>>Freight settlement==>>Define freight settlement doc type

5) Assign purchasing information for posting-

Path== >>SPRO== >> IMG== >> Transportation management==>>Settlement==>>Freight settlement==>>Integration for settlement posting==>>Assign purchasing information for posting

6) Assign default plant to company code-

Path== >>SPRO== >> IMG== >> Transportation management==>>Settlement==>>Freight settlement==>>Integration for settlement posting==>>Assign default plant for company code

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