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Title: Exploring the Journey of Transitioning to SAP Basis: An Interview with Siddesh

Introduction: Mr. Siddesh, who will share his inspiring journey of transitioning to a career in SAP Basis. Siddesh, an engineering graduate in Electronics and Communication, initially worked as a tech support engineer before the healthcare industry's impact led him to explore new career opportunities. After extensive research, he discovered SAP and decided to pursue training in the Basis module. Siddesh works as a successful business consultant in a renowned company. Join us as we delve into his experience and insights.

Siddesh's Background and Career Transition: Siddesh introduces himself as an electronics and telecommunication engineer who initially worked as a tech support engineer in the IT sector. However, circumstances forced him to seek a new career path. He joined a healthcare company, where he serviced oxygen concentrator machines, but soon realized his passion lay in the IT industry. Encouraged by a friend, Siddesh began researching SAP and was captivated by its rich history and status as a market leader. Intrigued by the fast-paced nature of the IT industry, Siddesh decided to pursue a career in SAP Basis.

Choosing the Right Module: Siddesh emphasizes the importance of selecting the right module in SAP based on one's interests and skills. He advises individuals to follow their hearts and identify their strengths and preferences. Whether inclined towards technical or functional roles, there are diverse opportunities within SAP. Siddesh, with his technical background, chose the Basis module due to its alignment with his problem-solving abilities and previous experience in handling system issues.

Training Journey and Choosing Struggle Solutions: To acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in SAP Basis, Siddesh sought out training institutes. After extensive research, he discovered Struggle Solutions, an institute known for its comprehensive and interactive virtual training. Siddesh praises the institute's excellent interface, prompt support, and the ability to access recorded sessions for review. He recommends Struggle Solutions not only for Basis training but also for other functional courses, highlighting their expertise and dedication.

Career Guidance and Interview Experience: Siddesh discusses the challenges faced during the interview process and shares insights into his successful placements. He emphasizes the importance of aligning one's CV with the requirements of the role and company. During interviews, he encountered both technical and HR-related questions. Technical questions focused on SAP Basis components, system architecture, user types, monitoring tasks, and installation procedures. Siddesh's practical knowledge and logical thinking enabled him to excel in these discussions. Additionally, he emphasizes the significance of showcasing a problem-solving attitude and the ability to leverage available resources when faced with unfamiliar situations.

Final Thoughts and Advice: In conclusion, Siddesh encourages individuals interested in SAP to follow their hearts and select a module that aligns with their skills and interests. He emphasizes that mastery in any module within SAP can lead to successful and rewarding careers. Additionally, he highlights the importance of continuous learning and utilizing available resources such as SAP's official support platform.

Siddesh's journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring SAP professionals, demonstrating the potential for growth and success in the industry. By embracing one's passion, exploring available opportunities, and continuously enhancing skills, a fulfilling career in SAP is within reach.


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