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The Power of Adaptation: From Game Testing to SAP Basis Consulting

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Introduction: we have Mr. Ajinka, who graduated in 2021 and gained 6 months of game testing experience. However, his quest for a more fulfilling career led him to discover SAP. After undergoing training in basis with us. he quickly secured a job offer in November 2022 and joined Automatic Infotec as a Basis Consultant. In this blog, Ajinka shares his inspiring journey and provides insights into his success story.

Ajinka's Career Journey: Ajinka begins his story by sharing his struggle to find a job in the mechanical engineering field after graduating in 2021. Realizing the limited growth opportunities in game testing, he continued searching for alternative paths. This is when he stumbled upon SAP and its various modules. After exploring different options, Ajinka chose basis as his module of choice due to its technical nature and his interest in pursuing a technical career. He emphasizes the importance of making a quick decision and not spending too much time analyzing various modules.

Learning SAP Basis: Ajinka acknowledges that learning SAP Basis presented some challenges, especially since he came from a mechanical background. However, with the excellent guidance and personalized training provided by the instructor. he was able to overcome these hurdles. Hands-on practice played a vital role in building his confidence and proficiency in the module. The instructor ensured that each student had a thorough understanding of the concepts and practical implementation.

Job Hunt and Interview Experience: During his job hunt, Ajinka actively applied for relevant positions and received several interview calls. Thanks to the comprehensive training he received, he felt well-prepared for the interviews. He mentions that the training covered essential topics like user administration, role authorizations, system architecture, and more. Ajinka's confidence in answering these questions stemmed from the hands-on experience and personalized guidance provided during the training sessions.

Advice for Aspiring SAP Basis Consultants: When asked about his suggestions for those considering a career in SAP Basis, Ajinka emphasizes the immense potential and growth opportunities in this field. He believes that SAP offers a great career path for individuals seeking a technical role. He encourages anyone struggling to find their way to consider SAP as a viable option and leverage it as a gateway to a fulfilling career. Ajinka's success story serves as an inspiration for others to take the leap and embark on their own SAP Basis consulting journey.

Conclusion: Ajinka's journey from game testing to becoming a successful SAP Basis Consultant demonstrates the possibilities that lie in pursuing new career paths. By making a clear decision, investing in quality training, and embracing hands-on practice, Ajinka quickly secured a job in his desired field. His story serves as a reminder that with determination and the right guidance, anyone can achieve their career goals. If you're considering SAP Basis as your module, take inspiration from Ajinka's journey and embark on your own path to success.

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