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Mastering SAP ARIBA and SAP MM : A Transformational Journey from User to Consultant

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Introduction: In this blog post, we will explore the inspiring success story of Mr. Zuber Ahmed, who transitioned from being an end user to becoming a successful SAP consultant. His dedication and determination to upskill himself led to a significant career breakthrough. Let's delve into his journey and the key factors that contributed to his success.

Background: Zuber Ahmed started his career as an end user and super user, working with SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) and ECC (Enterprise Core Component) modules. With a desire to broaden his knowledge and enhance his career prospects, he underwent training to become a support consultant. After gaining experience in this role, he joined a prominent consulting company but felt the need to expand his expertise in SAP MM (Materials Management) and SAP Ariba (a procurement and sourcing solution). His goal was to gain end-to-end knowledge of the procurement process and increase his job opportunities.

Training and Upskilling: Recognizing the importance of mastering SAP MM and Ariba, Zuber Ahmed sought training from a reputable source. He enrolled in training programs for Ariba, MM, and S/4HANA to gain in-depth knowledge and expertise. His dedication and hard work paid off as he completed the job and mastery courses, solidifying his understanding of the modules.

Career Transition and Success: With his newly acquired skills and knowledge, Zuber Ahmed successfully transitioned to a new job at Capgemini, a testament to his perseverance and commitment. He secured a 100% salary increment and joined a team of high-flyers. His journey exemplifies the significance of upskilling and expanding one's expertise in the SAP ecosystem.

The Importance of SAP MM and Ariba: SAP MM and Ariba offer immense job opportunities for consultants. Zuber Ahmed highlights the importance of having a strong foundation in SAP MM and the value of combining it with Ariba. This combination opens doors to various roles and responsibilities, allowing consultants to work on core modules and digital procurement solutions.

Interview Preparation and Key Questions: When preparing for interviews, Zuber Ahmed advises focusing on your resume and the topics mentioned in it. Most interview questions revolve around the content of your resume, so being well-versed in the topics you mention is crucial. For SAP MM and Ariba interviews, expect questions related to sourcing templates, auctions, conditions, supplier enablement processes, and master data loads. It is essential to understand the process flow of the procure-to-pay cycle and the integration between SAP MM and Ariba.

Benefits of Job and Mastery Course: Completing the job and mastery course provided Zuber Ahmed with several advantages. The mind maps provided by the course were particularly helpful, offering a concise summary of important concepts. Additionally, the emphasis on note-taking and creating personal study materials aided in retaining knowledge effectively.

The Importance of Practice: Zuber Ahmed emphasizes the significance of regular practice, which many people tend to neglect. He advises allocating time for practice sessions to reinforce understanding and improve retention. Practice is crucial for building confidence and ensuring a thorough grasp of the concepts.

Conclusion: Zuber Ahmed's journey from an end user to a successful SAP consultant serves as an inspiration for individuals seeking career advancement. By investing in training, upskilling, and consistent practice, he was able to achieve significant growth and secure a promising career. His story highlights the importance of continuous learning and expanding expertise in the ever-evolving field of SAP


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