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SAP S/4 HANA Embedded EWM

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Goods Movement Bins Error

Goods movement bin not determined or entered

During Inbound delivery in EWM

Find Error

Goods movement bin not determined or entered

Message no. /SCWM/DELIVERY012

Warehouse Process type goods movement bins is not determine by the system

System could not determine the warehouse process type and due to this not find goods movement bins.

You can see in Form view of Item data tab in EWM Inbound delivery No Warehouse Process type determine

Procedure to Sort out the problem

1. Define Document type

Menu Path

· T-code: SPRO==> SPRO IMG Screen==>SCM EWM==> Extended Warehouse Management==> Goods Receipt Process==> Inbound Delivery==> Document Type==> Check your Document type

ERP Document Type - EL

EWM Inbound Delivery Document Type INB this need to maintain

2. Document need to map in ERP System

We need to MAP ERP Document type to EWM Document Type

Menu Path

· T-code: SPRO==> SAP IMG Screen==> SCM EWM==> Extended Warehouse Management==>Interface==> ERP Integration==> Delivery Processing==> Map Document type from ERP System to EWM System.

To check the Error solved or not we need to create fresh inbound delivery in SAP ERP

Create new inbound delivery in ERP

· T-code: VL31N

Delivery Number: 180000007

· T-code: /N/SCWM/PRDI- Put your ERP Delivery Document Number

  • Inbound delivery Document Form View at header level in EWM

  • Now You Can See Inbound Delivery Document form view at Item data level

The system determine the Warehouse Process type automatically due to this configuration system determine the Goods Movement bin as well.

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1 Comment

sushanti babar
sushanti babar
Mar 04, 2022

Hello sir, I am beginner to Sap Ewm .I had done all basic settings for ERP ewm integration.. I have created inbound delivery in embeded Ewm and it is distributed successfully but when I go the PRDI transaction it shows No documents found error... please help me to sort this problem

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