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EWM Innovations on SAP S/4HANA 2022


  • Using Distribution equipment in Production Supply

  • New Fiori Apps for example: Packing and Warehouse Task confirmation.

  • JIT/JIS Kanban integration in Production supply

  • MES integration

  • Integration to Quality Management (QM) defects & QM notifications

  • Advance Shipping and Receiving

  • Plant Maintenance (PM) Integration

  • Unified Package Builder in EWM

Area of Improvement in S/4HANA 2022


1) Unified Package Builder in additional EWM Process

Unified package Builder (UPB) is functionality in SAP EWM that allows user to create customized packaging specifications for products and orders. With UPB, you can define the materials and quantities that should be packed into each package, as well as the packaging materials, dimension and weight.

UPB can be used in conjunction with other EWM processes such as Inbound, Outbound deliveries, internal warehouse processes and shipping and receiving.

UPB is a powerful tool in optimizing packaging and streamlining warehouse operations.

2) Deeper Quality Integration in EWM

Quality integration in EWM is a critical component of a successful warehouse management strategy. By defining quality criteria, performing quality inspections, implementing quality control measures, and monitoring quality related metrics, warehouse managers can ensure that their operations meet the required quality standards and provide a high level customer satisfaction.

3) Prepackage Shipping from Production

Prepackage shipping from production can help improve efficiency and reduce costs in the shipping process. By standardizing packaging, using appropriate materials, automating packaging, incorporating quality control measures, and streamlining logistics business can improve their shipping operations and provide better customer experience.

4) Update Logistics Execution (LE) deliveries before GI Posting

Updating LE deliveries before GI (goods Issue) posting can help ensure that the delivery is accurate and complete, which can help reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction. By confirming delivery quantities, adjust delivery dates, adding or removing items, updating delivery notes, and confirming shipping information, business can ensure that shipments are accurate and complete, which can help improve over all logistics performance.

Rajesh Sharma

SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultant

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